Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Hungry with Children

At some point, I will be formally migrating over, but I encourage you to make the migration yourself, before it's too late ;P

What I'm Reading

How inspired a dad can be to cook for his kids (They really do love to cook for their little ones - C makes H scrambled eggs every Saturday morning. That's pretty good considering he's made me dinner about once a year for the life of our relationship.) - NYTimes

The Sauca food truck is crossing the bridge, and ditching the wheels (at least on this side of the river). - ArlNow

If you've ever tried to grab a pre-game bite before a Caps game, this piece makes a good point. Wow, sure, we fans are sad about another short playoff season, but Chinatown restaurants are really sad. - City Paper

How to take making risotto in stride. - iFlipForFood

Hot Pot in Arlington. We stopped in already, and it's fabulous. We're kinda hot pot connoisseurs, as it's our usual holiday celebration, and Mala Tang gets high marks. A helpful hint - order the NY Strip - locally-raised sustainable beef that is incredibly flavorful. - WaPo

I have said it before, and I'm going to have to repeat it here. I don't want to like Spike Mendelsohn. I want to put the self-absorbed twit label on him and be done with it. Three problems - One, the man can cook. Two, he works his butt off (on Top Chef, and otherwise). And three, he listens to what people want. The final point becomes even more clear with the launch of the Sixth and Rye Kosher Deli Truck. Bravo, Spike! Good choice, and thanks for listening. - City Paper

Ummm? My new blog?! RSS feeders, it's time to make your migration - there's a super easy link available on the page. - Hungry With Children