Friday, March 18, 2011

Lunch Liaisons: Sticky Rice

(Lunch liaisons is a regular segment wherein C and I meet for weekday lunch dates. The associated posts are not nearly as cloak-and-dagger as they may sound, but instead are reviews consistent with the quick and painless lunch hour theme).    

It’s a rare event that C and I find ourselves available for a meal at a not-so-family-friendly establishment (located outside of Penn Quarter) with highly recommended cuisine. So, when we had a previously scheduled weekday afternoon meeting, for which we would already have to take leave, C and I jumped at the chance to have a meal in the Atlas District sans the wait from weekend hipster crowds (no offense, hipster readers, I love you too, but I do not love waiting for a seat). These are the ways you schedule couple time once parentdom is your primary fiefdom.

We chose Sticky Rice, which really was based on savoring a few of (okay, half a bucket of) the much ballyhooed tator tots. And were they worth the hype? Um, we took two extra hours of leave, drove to the Atlas District, searched for parking, and C took on a gentrifying neighborhood (don’t judge, he fully admits this is an experience with which he’s not entirely comfortable). Yes, the bites of golden fried goodness and amazing spicy remoulade style sauce were entirely worth it. The tots were hot (and stayed hot), crispy (really crispy), and I loved the flavor of the frying oil that Sticky Rice uses. The rolls were original and tasty too – we tried the Drawn and Buttered (lobster and crab – a little too rich for me, but C was a fan), Crazy Calamari (sweet and spicy squid – very tasty), and my favorite, the Sante Fe (tempura sweet potatoes – more please). We need to find time to return, if not for the tots, to try out some of the tempting noodles, or maybe the Yellow Basil Roll.


Angela said...

Oh! I really wanted to try Sticky Rice, but never got around to it before we left. I have a hard time believing that tots are worth that much effort, but I trust you (and I've heard others say similar things). Maybe we'll drop in next time we visit.

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

The tots really are superlative - and it take a lot to make tator tots superlative.