Friday, March 18, 2011

Lunch Liaisons: Cuba Libre

(Lunch liaisons is a regular segment wherein C and I meet for weekday lunch dates. The associated posts are not nearly as cloak-and-dagger as they may sound, but instead are reviews consistent with the quick and painless lunch hour theme).    

Cuba "Libre"?! Not so much. It costs far too many pesos for the lack of quality. C and I shared a pleasant ceviche of tuna, jalapenos (flavor, but I would have appreciated a bit of kick), and olive oil. Otherwise, however, we were limited to lackluster sandwiches and little to no ambiance. For reference, my Cuban was soggy, unnecessarily greasy, and lacking in flavor. C’s mediocre Frito Misto, basically a hamburger made of both beef and pork, was very heavy (like, pit in your stomach heavy). If we’re expanding on chains, I would rather see an Applebee’s go in downtown. At least then, I would only have to pay half the price for "meh" food and ambiance.


Manimal said...

Would you go to Applebees with me?

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

Who else am I going to go to Applebee's with?

Anonymous said...

agreed -- bleh food at very expensive prices.