Friday, January 14, 2011

Please, Please - Don't Leave Me

(after this morning's poor performance - the old girl appears to be weeping in shame)

Meet Connie. She turned 4 this Christmas, and was a gift from mom and dad (mom, you know why she has her name!). She's an integral part of my life, at least on weekends and when I work from home. This morning, for the first time, Connie failed me. I'm devastated.

For years, Connie's been grinding and brewing the perfect coffee, whether I want it a cup at a time, or a pot. She's a little noisy, but otherwise keeps to herself. She is rather cleanly, with only minimal maintenance. This morning, Connie sputtered a little while she let out her familiar grinding sounds. I noticed, but thought to myself, "Nah, Connie's fine. She's only been around for four years. She's not going anywhere yet." But, unfortunately, as I poured the pot's contents into my already warmed milk and Splenda, I noticed that there was no color. Uh-oh.

Sure enough, there were no beans in the filter. Again, with a positive outlook I mind, I thought, "No problem. I can fix this." I could not. I tried to clean the beans stuck in between the hopper and grinder, but they will not budge. I really don't know what to do - I'm not the type to give up on a kitchen electric while she's still so very young. Any advice on what to do? (Connie's a Cuisinart Grind and Brew, if anyone has had similar problems.)

I really could use Connie over the weekend and next week. I've got multiple projects to wrap up at work. We're excited to both be taking Monday off to spend with Baby H. But, that takes energy, and that means caffeine! Green tea has never done it for me, and pregnancy was a rough forty weeks. Please help. I also have great blog posts to come on Disney, Harry Potter, and Buffalo Guiness Stew. I know you want to read them. Readers, what can a girl do to get her caffeine mojo back? HELP!!!

UPDATE, 8:10 AM Sunday: Hubby sweeped in and saved the day. He got out a sharp knife to dislodge the stuck beans and I am currently enjoying the perfect cup. I love you babe, and thank you! Thanks for everyone else for your support during this trying time. ;) With such heavy issues weighing on us, sometimes it's nice to take an escape to the more trivial things.


Manimal said...

Oh no! I think 4 years might be the life span for a kitchen electric. Might have to just bite the bullet on a new one :)

lindelle said...

I'm thinking about giving in and purchasing the Tassimo. My current coffee maker is ummm .... terrible!

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

Lindelle, definitely, go for it!