Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lunch Liaisons: Galileo III

(Lunch liaisons is a regular segment wherein C and I meet for weekday lunch dates. The associated posts are not nearly as cloak-and-dagger as they may sound, but instead are reviews consistent with the quick and painless lunch hour theme).    

First, quickly, as this is a lunch liaison, I have to get something off my chest - I did not want to like Roberto Donna's third incarnation of his Italian temple. Several paltry trips to Bebo, tax scandals (not okay according to my particular brand of bureaucracy), and the snobbery of some upscale downtown spots all gave me pause. But, I do love great Italian food, and Galileo is indeed, great Italian food. I started with the calamari, this version sautéed with Swiss chard, tomatoes, garlic, and red wine vinegar. The chard was so very tender and the tangy flavors of vinegar and capers made for a delicious start. Also, probably the most perfectly cooked squid I've ever enjoyed. C, on the other hand, dug into the Cinghiale, a wild boar sausage served with potatoes. Unique, sweet flavors, perfect for the carnivore. We moved on to entrées of Risotto for me and Spaghetti with clams for C. My cheese and pear risotto was divine, but I could only finish two or three bites and got to enjoy the rest for lunch the next day. If I chose to be picky, I would point out that the pear flavor was lost a bit and the rice was just a tad stiff, but the dish was like the most decadent mac and cheese ever, so I don't see the point in complaining. C's al dente spaghetti (fresh homemade pasta is always better), and succulent clams were hearty and flavorful. 

As we exited, we were reminded of the talent that went into our delicious meal by the James Beard nominations and awards hanging on the wall. Just in case we missed his looming presence, the hostess also pointed out that Donna hasn't missed a service since the restaurant opened in October. I must say, this makes a difference, a positive one.

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Manimal said...

I think its okay to like Roberto Donna's Italian food again. Whatever his other faults, the guy can cook - and even better when he does it himself. Delicious!