Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Penny

Happy Birthday Penny!

How do I love thee, my three-year-old puppy? Let me count the ways….
  • I love that because of your impending arrival, we'll always have Paris (C and I took a puppymoon).
  • I love that your hips sway with attitude when you walk. When you're a female in a "giant breed" category - Penny's a Bernese Mountain Dog - I don't think you can help but have the kind of hips that don't lie.
  • I love that when you were a fifteen pound pup, you didn't want to cuddle, and instead, hung out under the kitchen table. But now that you are eighty-five pounds, you are a lap dog.
  • I love that you do not grant your chosen recipient the choice of whether to accept affection, but instead bring it on, full force.
  • I love, if not your ability, your efforts to make everything better when someone is upset.
  • I love that, because of you, neither C nor I will ever to be able to read or watch Marley & Me again. (The saying with Berners is "Three years a young dog, three years a good dog, three years an old dog. Anything else is gravy." We would rather ignore this reality.).
  • I love that although you do tend to be a bit annoyed with your baby brother (yes, I have noticed how fast you take off when he has one of his fits), you are his ultimate protectorate. 
  • I love that you are submissive to a fault. I love that even though dogs are incapable of feeling shame, you hang your head when you've done something wrong and follow us around until you are granted forgiveness.
Most importantly, I love you, Penny, for what you make me. You make me a softie, when I expected to be the disciplinarian in this whole parenting notion. You make me one of those pet people, the obnoxious kind that I always promised not to be (though I do still take exception with dressing animals). You make me take the time to sit still and enjoy life. What I'm saying, Penny, is that you help make me whole. I love you, my puppy!

(Yes, this is a bit of love letter to a dog, and I may have tears in my eyes as I sit here and type. So what?! My Penny, all eighty-five pounds of her, will beat you up if you have anything to say about it!).


Carrie said...

Love this! Definitely teared up a bit. And I can't watch Marley and Me either. Happy birthday Penny!

Anna said...

Happy belated birthday, Penny! :)

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

Aww, thanks Carrie. Penny thanks you both for the birthday wishes.