Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Katsu Update

Remember last Spring when I scoured the city for Katsu goodness, and my recommendation came in the form of a great little dive in Northern Rockville?! Well, I found some Katsu goodness in the city, downtown in fact.

New York Ave's Mazu, just off the old Convention Center parking lot, has a worthy substitute for the lengthy trip, particularly for those without cars. I'm not going say Mazu is as good as Cafe Temari - it's not - but I have no complaints. The crispy, lean panko-coated cutlet is fried perfectly (and not too greasy, though I should note I ordered chicken). The rice is sticky. And, the pickled radish is crunchy.

For this Katsu fiend, a downtown substitute is trouble - more deep-fried goodness in my life. Oh well, there are worse things to complain about.

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