Saturday, December 25, 2010

Food as Memories, Part 2 (The Merry Christmas Version)

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you are, like me, finding some time to relax and remark upon this past year's blessings. I have so many things in my life that bring such great comfort and joy. Those blessings and happiness are only from God. On his son's birthday, I thank God for the ultimate blessing that was and is Christ. May the blessing of Christ fill you with joy this holiday season as well.

A lot of my readers and friends are not Christians, but we all tend to celebrate Christmas with our own holiday traditions (Chinese restaurants and movie theaters are proof enough of that!). In this time that I find myself so inspired and swelling with faith, I share the joy of the season with my non-believing friends too. May the spirit of Christmas warm your home this holiday as well.

I always find that thinking about holiday memories also warms the season. What a perfect time to follow up with encore food as memories post. These experiences are appropriately full of holidays, family, and friends.

Our first Christmas as husband and wife - the Bellagio buffet

We tied the knot exactly a week before Christmas, so for our first holiday as an official married couple, we were not looking to start making holiday traditions. We were merely looking for a way to celebrate Christmas but enjoy a few quiet days together, just the two of us. Las Vegas became our less than traditional choice. And for Christmas dinner, where else than the Bellagio buffet?! We snuck in at the lunch price and got the spoils of both the lunch and dinner offerings, a decadent spread to say the least. We also made instant family in the hour long line, a sort self-governing body. What a truly unique way to become a family all our own.

Our foodie first date - eatin' good in the neighborhood

One of the things I love most about C is that he is always one hundred percent real. No facade. When we finally got around to going on a real day, rather than flirting our way around the golf courses of greater St. Louis, where did my future husband sweep me off to? Yup, Applebee's. Once I saw him polish off the chicken fingers and riblets basket without coming up for air, I knew that this man would never pretend with me. I was right. He's the same man today.

Summer camp at VBYC - puke and pancakes

Summer camp taught me a very valuable lesson. I am completely unable to digest whole milk. Unfortunately, this lesson was learned over several visits to the nurse's cabin. Fortunately, there was a cute boy suffering from an ugly bout of something that turned him green (still cute) to keep me company. To this day, I still associate certain tastes with camp, be it that bitter nauseousness after whole milk, rubbery pancakes (which were sooo good on cold mornings), or industrial canned peanut butter. Sometimes, I really miss the simple pleasures of childhood.

Back to red meat at Arby's

It was not a Big Mac (there was no such thing as a Ray's Hellburger in those days) or a Porterhouse that brought me back to moo cows after four years off red meat. No, it was an Arby's roast beef sandwich. And, you know what? It was good. Having the two people closest to me during my high school years (the no red meat years) helped make the first juicy bite even more magical.

The truckload of shrimp

Over the years, two of C's qualities, over all others, have secured his status as a cemented member of our family. The first is his ability to eat copious amounts of food. My dad loves to fondly look back on one of the first weekends they spent with C, and the portions that C inhaled over that weekend. Not only was there a Mongolian BBQ showing by the Carnivore (I think he eventually put that place out of business), there was also the seafood joint that served Old Bay shrimp by the pound (in a toy dump truck for effect). As my parents watched C inhale mollusk after mollusk, I like to think that at some point in that time they decided, yes, with the way that boy eats, he's qualified to be a family member.

The other quality has been and continues to be C's adoption of our stance on Spartan fan-dam. At some point in time, C became just as obsessive and emotional (okay, it's hard to be as emotional as me) about MSU as the rest of us. He's truly fanatical, and for that, my clan loves him. They love him so much, in fact, that my dad declared to C over Thanksgiving, "C, you're the best son-in-law I could imagine. I mean that. I'd say that even if you were a Notre Dame fan." which point, my mom and I both teared up pretty seriously.

On that happy note, it's time for me to sign off. I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas. Next week, while we're off seeing Harry Potter and friends, I've scheduled some posts to look back on 2010. When I return, a glimpse at Vermilion.

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