Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Choose Our Own Adventure

My parents are coming the week before Christmas to see their grandson, which conveniently happens to fall on our anniversary. As you know, we've already celebrated in style. Given the availability of child care, we are looking for a low-key (and budget-friendly) activity to spend our day or evening. Two options presented themselves - one a little more physically ambitious than the other.

One of the most fun couples activities that C and I have enjoyed recently was my hometown's Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot. We weren't, by any means, running competitively in the 5K, so it was nice time to just enjoy a relaxed run together. Plus, our threesome of awesome babysitters had Baby H on hand to cheer us on as we completed the race. Thus, with the idea of a joint workout in mind, option one is a day of snowboarding at nearby (and conservatively-hilled) Bryce Resort, perhaps with a stop at my favorite convenience store, Sheetz, for breakfast sandwiches and hot chocolate to burn off.

Option two is a little more refined and seasonal. The Little Theatre of Alexandria is presenting, for $15 a person, Mrs. Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge. The warmth of a packed house often puts me to sleep during A Christmas Carol, so I'm thinking this might be an attention-keeping alternative. Plus, we have a gift certificate for Brabo for maximum value-added.

So, I pose it to you - what do you all think? I invite you to choose our adventure for us. Please vote in the comment section.

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