Thursday, December 9, 2010

All He Wants for Christmas

Is the Redskins not to suck….

The annual gift-buying season is a frustrating one. Actually, that's too broad of a statement. Generally, I do pretty well, with the exception of the leather bag I bought (online) my brother last year and thought would be the size of a gym tote, but turned out to be a murse. No, my annual frustration is limited to one important individual in my house. I'm married to the man who has everything he needs (at least in his mind, no matter how awful I might believe that certain pair of pants he wears twice weekly appear - I may have, ahem, taken a slightly severe tactic of telling him he was dressed like a homeless person to get him to cut back). If he wants something , he buys it for himself. (Okay, other than the used Les Paul for our fifth wedding anniversary, or the replacement of his old set of irons, for which he had a set in mind, but felt them too expensive to purchase for himself - hence, last year's birthday present). For a few items, it's my responsibility to do the selection or pick whatever up - "Honey, can you get more of those wool socks I like?"…."Babe, I'm out of the good kind of drink mixes"….or, I find holes in clothing, and make the unilateral decision to replace. But, otherwise, generally speaking, the annual edition of Madden magically makes its way to our house the instant it's released, books continue to appear on C's iPhone Kindle, and C is a happy man (unless, of course, I failed to stock adequate meat in the house that week). 

As a result, I've come up with a couple of traditional gifts that are of no surprise when the box is opened - they are boring, static, everyday items. I also usually try to gift an inexpensive, cheesy, romantic sort of thing. But, the "big one" - the one marked "from Santa" - is always a mystery and I do my best to come up with something to make him spend some time on himself - greens fees, etc…Usually, C seems pleased and that warms my heart.

The thing is, annually, I know exactly what he wants. And I know that I cannot give it to him. He wants the Redskins of his youth back. And it breaks my heart that I can do nothing to make this happen…nor, would it appear, can anyone else. I know he's not expecting another glorious ten year period with three championships, but for the love of all things holy, can they at least show some dignity?! So, Santa, I'm asking you, please bring it home for C (the "it" being not a ring, just some pride).

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Penelope said...

Oh, the "murse." That made me laugh.

I hope Santa can make this happen for C!