Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lunch Liaisons: 701

(Lunch liaisons is a regular segment wherein C and I meet for weekday lunch dates. The associated posts are not nearly as cloak-and-dagger as they may sound, but instead are reviews consistent with the quick and painless lunch hour theme). 

I can make this one particularly simple: order the pasta - anything else will be at least a little disappointing. At 701, my orecchiette, served with acorn squash, brown butter, fried sage, and walnuts, and just a hint of ricotta salata, was perfectly seasonal and scrumptious on a rainy day. (Tom Sietsema also has good things to say about the pasta, particularly the ham and cheese ravioli, which I really want now). My fig and arugula salad met the promised description, but did not excite me. C enjoyed his veal meatball appetizer, served with linguine (the texture was off to me, but to each his own), but C's entree, the special, a pork shoulder steak, was ribboned with grisly fat, and cooked until it was dry. He described it as terrifically bad. We finished, or rather started, with the hot buttered apple cider (without the rum, this was a lunch liaison). It was bit a rich, but on the other hand, substituted for dessert.

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