Monday, October 11, 2010

Holiday Reading

Happy Columbus Day everyone! If you are one of those who had to head in to work this morning, first, I sympathize (C was one of you), and second, DCist seems to think that taking a morning stroll will make you feel better about having to show up to put your hours in. Call me crazy, but I'm thinking that a longer commute, coupled with staring at the beautiful day outside your office window, will be of no particular comfort. Maybe some bacon-dusted fries may help (okay, they are in Maine, but I've now laid the idea for DC).

Enough with the complaining...for those looking to celebrate this holiday, some fast Columbus facts. Indigenous Peoples Day - I lived in Cali for a year, including through the month of October, and never knew.

Where shall we dine for our next Lunch Liaison? Newly-opened Galileo III (we've not enjoyed the best luck with Chef Roberto Donna before, and he is now a felon) or Cuba Libre?!

Last week, Hope College hosted its annual Critical Issues Symposium. The topic?! Good Food for the Common Good. Speakers included Polyface Farm's Joel Salatin, "Eco-Chef and Food Justice Activist" Bryant Terry, my very own brother (of whom we are exceptionally proud), and another fine young Hope alum who graces our fair city. Not only do the speakers have my utmost respect, for their timeliness and their devotion to this important issue (check this out too), but so does the school. Bravo to Hope College for devoting resources to and raising awareness of a major issue facing our society. 

District of Pi, an offshoot of St. Louis-based Pi Pizzeria, will be opening in Penn Quarter. Funny, I don't remember this place back when I was in the STL; all I remember is the nasty provel-topped cardboard that was Imo's. I may not remember Pi, but they have their own Schlafly custom brew, so already, I'm a fan!

If you have not been following Young & Hungry's series embedding a staffer with the Restaurant Eve crew, you should. It's very compelling. 

And finally, just because - COOKIES, and more COOKIES!

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Carrie said...

Oh man. First - I vote Cuba Libre! Second - Agree re: Imo's pizza. Naaasty. Third - thanks for the link! I'm making the cookies again this weekend I think. Can't help it! :) :) :)