Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dining Guide Destinations

It's that time of year again - Tom Sietsema's annual WaPo Dining Guide is out. Time to get excited! With it, some things are confirmed (that the Inn at Little Washington, Restaurant Eve's Tasting Room, and Komi are all pretty awesome); others leave us wondering (no CityZen - hmm, maybe it took to serving up cuisine on par with Sou'Wester); still others leave us wanting to try new things (many, many of those). So, I pose to you readers, what's next amongst the WaPo top tier? Is Citronelle really worth the big bucks? Should we try the lounge instead? How about Michel's new eponymous Tyson's Corner location instead?

One little other note - I've been raving about Praline in Bethesda for years. Part of me is bummed that I'll have to deal with crowds larger than just the pushy ladies-who-lunch who currently frequent the place (okay, perhaps it's me who's pushy), but I'm also satisfied to see a little whole in the wall (or strip mall destination, as it were) get it's due. 


iEatDC said...

I should try Praline! I can be a pushy lady-who-lunches.

My review of Eve is forthcoming.

Citronelle was our first time doing a tasting menu and a wine pairing, so we were shocked, engorged, and drunk. But I remember it being amazing.

I really want to try Obelisk. Really really really. Why am I so slow? Why don't they have a web site???

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

You should definitely try Praline, and take home some macarons.

Obelisk totally tends to be under the radar. It's been on my list for years and I keep ignoring it.