Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brunching Clarendon: Lyon Hall

You know I'm a fan of both Northside Social and Liberty Tavern, the sister restaurants to Clarendon's Lyon Hall. For LH itself, I'm still trying to love it. The inconsistencies of brunch did the relatively new restaurant no favors. Tea and crumpets (okay, donuts) both were delicious. My Jasmine Tea was really flavorful and comforting. The bacon (yup), orange, and cinnamon sugar varieties of the donuts were loads of greasy goodness (yeast style - think Krispy Kreme - not cake style). But, our burgers were evidence of the inconsistent kitchen. We both ordered medium rare, mine was at least two temps past C's, and the fries were overcooked and flavorless. Plus, I'm not sure the burger would have been particularly tasty had it been properly cooked - the stone ground mustard was overpowering, and took away from the more pleasant flavors of the poppy bun and cheddar shavings. With the burger competition around here, come on, you have to put a better product on the plate. Better luck next time. While I am a fan of the Euro-brasserie concept, and the Charcuterie and small plates I tried at a happy hour were better than the brunch fare, there remains much room for improvement at Lyon Hall.

TANGENT ALERT: Not Lyon Hall's fault: the couple on the same side of a two-top making out in front of us. Yes, this is a tangent, but I just have to make note because their conduct was that far out of bounds. I awkwardly tried to look down at my lap, while Baby H full on stared with his mouth gaped open (C wasn't facing them, and the worst of it occurred when he was visiting the much-talked-about restroom). H then looked at me with a quizzical "what's going on?" expression. Just a note folks, I'm not a fan of PDA generally - but, when reminders of what PDA leads to are sitting right in front of you, please keep the activities in check. I'm not yet prepared to have the birds and the bees talk with a person under one.

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