Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Whole Enchilada: RSS Summer Summary

You'll notice a recent trend of being out of town, busy with other things while in town, and generally speaking, not properly tending to my blogging duties. All of that leads to falling a bit behind on my Google Reader subscriptions as well. So, now that I've cleared the thousand-plus posts, for your reading pleasure (and possible stock-piling in your very own RSS inbox), a handy summary of the last six weeks or so:

Roger Ebert, I've long adored you - now, you are truly inspirational

What's been up in Top Chef land? The talented, lovely Patrick O'Connell made a visit, and of course, we appropriately got rid of the vestigial organs. But then, things took a turn for the worse. And, if the DC season didn't suck and fail to properly highlight our nation's capitol enough, now we're going to ship out to Singapore?! Lordy, lordy. Perhaps Top Chef All Stars or Top Chef Just Desserts (frankly, I'm kind of excited about it) will make the show Emmy-worthy again. This season was not.

I'm with WaPo's Jane Black and Foodie Tots; I prefer my watermelon with seeds. If you are like me, check out the Ballston Farmer's Market; both varieties are regularly available.

Looks like the gym option in what was intended to be my new work hood is closing - I guess being called back to "headquarters" has its benefits for this bureaucrat.

As exhausted as I am from the summer (that's not how it's supposed to work, is it?!), and as much as I am looking forward to cooking the new season's bounty, Tom Seitsema sure has been tempting me to eat out this fall. That, and all of the NYC transplants (a Jewish deli - it's about time). This again begs the question, where is our Bouchon?

Oh, and lucky for me, the Ballston matriculation continues (Clarendon is getting a bit crowded - heck, even Whitlow's has to build up).

Speaking of Fall (BRING IT!), I'm so looking forward to cooking up squash, pumpkins, and apples. Yummy. Also, fall festivals - one of my absolute favorite things! Falls Church (Sept. 11) and Clarendon (Sept. 25) celebrate theirs soon. Anyone out there have suggestions on a country festival somewhere a bit outside the Beltway (perhaps with a parade?!) in October or November, once the weather really has some bite?

For now, I'm saying goodbye to summer produce with a bang - my Wednesday night equals plum jam, tomato and basil jam, canned peaches (leftovers from a copious amount of pureed and frozen baby food), and pickled red onions. Mrs. Wheelbarrow, have any tips?

Metrocurean, I have so been there. Gotta love our four-legged family members.

Yay - like other much-needed resources, Chick-Fil-A is coming to the District. Though, if you are brave enough to face the GW coeds (oh, and I have many times, even when pregnant), the undergrad food court already has one.

Egads, I knew that all of the lovely Arlington County resources (schools, parks, libraries - they all do sort of rock) came with a price - but 1979, that's my real birth year. For this fiscal conservative, that's a bit disturbing.

Aaannnddd, I expect to get back on the wagon soon with Restaurant Week posts from Equinox (bravo!) and WestEnd Bistro (sorry), visits in Chicago to Topolobampo (how much I wanted to love it) and Cibo Matto (over-the-top delicious), my most recent deconstructed Tyler Florence dinner, and Rioja and Euclid Hall in 24 hours in Denver.

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Angela said...

Oh, I can't wait to read your write up of Topolobampo - I've heard really good things and really disappointing things, I'm interested to hear your take. Also, looking forward to your Tyler Florence post, although it'll probably just make me hungry remembering all the deliciousness!