Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Volt's Table 21

After dining at Volt's Table 21 a couple of weekends back for our annual early celebration of our anniversary (we were married around Christmas, and it gets to too harried to celebrate at the proper time), these five things I know to be true: 

(1) Bryan Voltaggio is quite possibly more OCD than me, and that's really saying something.
(2) There is some talent working in this kitchen - I expect to see these rising stars elsewhere soon.

(3) This is the most scientific meal I have ever eaten (or probably ever will). It was an adventure - definitely something to try at least once.

(4) The staff here aims to please (over-the-top service, patience with our questions, and upon my request per a friend's advice, bacon brioche to bring home).

(5) Pictures (C's handiwork - much better than I could do) of a few sampling of the courses tell this story so much better than I can…

1-5 (plus, cocktails, and my "two cents")

6-14 (and parts of 4 & 5)

"the particulars"

"Dippin' Dots" of gazpacho with micro greens and mozzarella pearl drop and olive oil sorbet

Goat cheese ravioli with butternut squash puree, maitake mushroom, and chamomile honey foam

Butter-poached lobster with carrot gnocchi, caramelized fennel, sunchoke puree, and pork rind

Arctic char, maroon carrot puree, and caramelized red onion gelee

Skate wing, with New Zealand potato, "sour cream and onion" (creme fraiche and shallot) accents

Fried roulade of veal sweetbreads with lemon oil, olive puree, and caper powder

Tuscan beets alongside goat cheese mousse, shaved parmesan, and balsamic glaze

Strip steak, Yukon Gold mash, Bacon lardon disk, and lobster mushroom

Goat cheese cheesecake, dulce de leche ice cream, butter finger crisp, and bourbon apple

Meyer lemon curd and powder, creme fraiche shortbread, peach slice, and apricot "fruit roll-up"

Textures of chocolate with rich ganache, candied disk, malted "cocoa powder", and chocolate ice cream

Oh, we also spent the night at Nora Roberts' B&B in nearby Boonsboro (Inn Boonsboro - I didn't know it was Roberts' place at the time). I'd recommend the Inn for the night if you are headed to the T-21 late seating (you'll be there past midnight). Themed rooms and high-tech toilets (I'm still confused; just happy it flushed) are a charming and funny experience.

At my insistence (C, in traditional man fashion, was leaning towards the only non-literary room, the Penthouse), we had the Westley and Buttercup Suite. The Princess Bride is one of my childhood favorites (any VBYCers reading - I still look back so fondly on that particular themed week). I'm smiling just thinking about it.


Manimal said...

Great review! Enough to make me want to go back to Frederick, MD. Table-21 is a unique experience, to say the least!

Evan Halperin said...

incredible review and meal. How long ahead did you have to make your reservation. I'd love to go their for our first wedding anniversary in August

iEatDC said...

Amazing. Thanks for sharing the info. LOVE the handwritten notes on the menu.

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

Thanks everyone - it feels good to get back into the swing of posting regularly. Evan, I made the reservation in March, so six months out...you could always try now too.

Marie said...

I loved the notes! The pics are great and this place is on my list, but I haven't figured out a time a year from now when I'd like to go yet, haha

huiray said...

Evan & Mark,

Table 21 is currently booked solid through the end of 2011. I was there at T-21 last Sunday due to a fortuitous cancellation, when I tried for it back in July.

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

Huiray, that is NUTS!! I'm happy, however, that you were able to get in - how was the experience on a Sunday night?