Thursday, August 26, 2010

Instead of blogging, I've been...well, you'll see

Question: Where have I been?

Answer: In a v.v. bad place.

You know those moments in life when you think to yourself, "how on earth did I wind up here?" Yeah, today was one of them. Perhaps I should start from the beginning. You see, I've spent the better part of the last month out of town. In fact, I'm headed back out of town for Labor Day, to Denver. The short stops home have been a bit of a blur. In the midst of all of this, unsurprisingly, I appear to have packed on five pounds. But, those are pounds full of food, drinks, and love (and yes, stress too, but we won't think of that) so not altogether bad. But nevertheless, rest assured, I'm on it - no blaming this on baby weight; instead, hitting the gym and portion control hard!

Back to my point, like I said, the pounds gained also meant memories, food, and drink shared with friends and family, some whipped up at home, others fit in the most recent restaurant week, late nights drinking with old friends, wedding/baby showers, birthdays, girls' time, and a few dates with the hubby crowded in there. Oh, we also just bought a car, and I got a new job (no Mount Vernon Square for me this fall, it's back to Penn Quarter). Don't worry, I'm still a "random bureaucrat"! Baby boy got baptized, and we've discovered the wonder, and the craziness that is the kiddie gym. And, attempts to catch up with General Hospital, even if Franco the serial killer has gotten lame, and I'd rather see Lyla Quartermaine come back from the dead. We also have said or are saying goodbye to several couples leaving the metro area, over more great food and drink, of course. (Sometimes, it seems so hard to have real friendships in DC as people are constantly moving on.) All in all, a crazy hot, crazy busy summer with some rich memories.

So, all of that seems pretty happy, then what is this v.v. bad place, you ask?! Well, you see, with this whirlwind of a summer comes my whirlwind of a brain. I swear I used to be with it, but I've become an utter space cadet. So, what did space cadet do today? I locked myself out of the house! - which is hard to do given that you have to lock our door from the outside. But, anyway, long story short, I returned from my morning run to find that I only had access to our garage. Not realizing or remembering (he swears he told me!) that C stashed a key in the garage, I decided to do what our neighbor Bob once did. You see, when we first moved in, we managed to get ourselves (myself 6 months pregnant) locked on our balcony, a little too high to jump, in 95 degree heat. After a few minutes of calling for help, savior/neighbor Bob heard our cries and rescued us by accessing our house through our utility closet crawl space. (Do you see where this is going?) Today, like a light bulb, I remembered this and decided that if 65 or 70 year-old Bob could it, than surely I could, right?! Yeah, about that, here's the damage:

Lesson learned, Bob is clearly more nimble and has seriously less junk in the trunk than I - it wasn't so much a matter of not fitting as it was poor planning on executing the maneuver. Needless to say, I am now on much more intimate terms with my furnace and hot water heater, as well as the no more than 6-8 inches in between.

Thanks for letting me share my space cadet moment and just to exhale. Here's to hoping I find some time and mental awareness to blog again soon. For now, happy nearly end to summer.

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lindelle said...

I just read this entry, I hope that things are better and look forward to a much needed catch up session!