Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wait, is Dave Coulier still alive?

While I am diligently working on banking and other official matters earlier today, I read a tweet that perhaps Dave Coulier has died. And then, my morning is shot. Obviously, must do research to determine whether Uncle Joey (not really uncle, but lives in the basement) is still hanging on - Celebitchy: nothing; nada. A Google search brings up no recent hits, so I'm left to assume that he is quietly still living in oblivion. But, in 2008, he conjured up some PR - did you folks know this?

My search did reveal one interesting link: it brings me happiness to know that others were so connected to 90s sitcoms that they feel the need to blog as well.

So, this got me to thinking about the Full House crowd and how they've respectively fared...I think we've got Coulier covered.

Other Full House alums in the news this week: We thought John Stamos was working out, what with the ER run, but it appears things have not been going well. Ewww.....

Bob Saget...well, he has an incredibly crude comedy routine. Funny, but crude.

Obviously, the Olsen twins (well, Mary-Kate, specifically; Ashley seems to have preserved some dignity; wait, I take that back) are a train wreck. Everyone knows that.

Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) has also had her problems.

I'll leave out Aunt Becky and Kimmie as they are more tangential characters. As far as I know, both are doing quite well.

DJ appears to have it together. In fantasy world, I like to think she married Steve and is living happily ever after. In reality, she married a hockey player, had kids, and appears to have escaped the Tanner girl drug addiction curse. Good for her. A little note: Dear Hollywood, let's take a break on criticizing those who practice their faith - it kind of seems to work out for them. #I'mjustsayin'.

DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that this post is in jest, and these are real people, with real lives, and real problems. Sometimes in our celebrity-obsessed (guilty! right here!) culture, we seem to forget that.

Oh, and for those of you who wanted to see the (semi-failed, as in semi-freddo) peach bourbon sorbetto, looky here.


iEatDC said...

Um how could you forget DJ Tanner's VERY important role on my favorite ABC Family show Make It Or Break It? She gets to look good, spout some Christian views, and have a steamy-but-chaste crush on a hunky foreign man.

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

I feel I've been woefully neglecting a television option that may perhaps be right up my alley. Do said program on Hulu or Comcast On Demand?

WaPo also recently ran a positive review of another ABC Family show, Pretty Little Liars. Are you familiar?

iEatDC said...

Not familiar with PLL, but MIOBI is soooo bad it's good.

Extra credit: There's a character named Steve Tanner--Steve for DJ's boyf, and Tanner know!