Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Mash-Up

Mash-up, as in baby food, as in Top Chef?! I generally have been leaving my comments for this season's Top Chef to tweets, because generally, I have not had that much to say. But, as resident baby mama of my food blogger posse, I feel it's my duty (and right) to say something here. And that something is - what the ^&<# were you thinking Top Chef producers?! Let's see, tonight I fed baby H, who I'll point out is really developing his palate at almost 8 months old, red lentils, green beans, and oatmeal. There was no Panang curry, no ribeye steak. In defense of the chefs, I agree with @foodwanderings, the task was utterly bizarre. This isn't my favorite season of Top Chef, and I'm sad because it's the DC season, but at least I feel better about the lack of invites to any events. I'd much rather enjoy our local talents.

We just broke a 24-hour fast (needed a little enlightenment for balancing life) with El Pollo Rico. Mmmmm....Can I tell you how difficult fasting is for a food blogger? I shouldn't complain, I know - there are things to be learned, ideas to be discovered. C kind of encapsulated my inner hunger when he arrived home tonight: "I was on metro and this Asian tourist family got on, and they had packed their own sushi. They had sushi, babe, on metro!!"

Also a difficult adjustment in our household - balancing our desire to eat out often with the significance of the accompanying stroller. We are very slowly trying to find our way back to restaurants. We love to eat out. And, we don't plan to leave our child with a babysitter every week in order to do so. Thus far, we've largely headed into the realm of suburbia, knowing that crying babies are acceptable behavior outside of the Beltway. As a result, we've kind of been compromising taste in case the little guy wakes up and wants to meet the patrons (he's a curious one). [And, I'm not saying that we are not willing to adjust our lives, entirely, for our child. We are. We love him and recognize that life will never be the same. He comes first - period. That said, we remain passionate about food and hope to share that passion with him someday. With that in mind, we hope to continue to dine at desirable and more importantly, delicious restaurants]. So, along with some additional technical edits (see below), I have created a new blog list - kid-friendly dining options for your own little spies. Let me clarify this - I do not mean restaurants that will merely grin and bear the appearance of a child, and perhaps offer you a high chair for an obviously sleeping infant (there is a reason I note "stroller" on the open table reservation, and no, it is not to have my kid scream in a high chair). I mean restaurants that maintain their culinary standards whilst welcoming families at large. If anyone has a suggestion, bring it in the comment section.

No more octopi for Jose Andres' restaurants.

Really, Thomas Keller?! You felt that the next Bouchon Bakery had to be within 15-odd blocks of one of its sister locations. Really?!

I expect a photo album of my peach bourbon sorbetto will appear on my facebook page sometime this week.

I added two new blogs to my Google Reader repertoire this week; my friend Anna shared a review of Brothell, Washington's Preservation Kitchen (I'd been salivating over her pics pre blog post - she takes really wonderful photographs - and I will definitely be fitting in a brunch on our next trip west) on her blog, Charm and Adventure; also, a colleague introduced me to The District Domestic.

Finally, I can officially announce my move to You should still be directed from, but old comments no longer appear (sad; those meant a lot). Along with the aforementioned additional list, I decided that my template isn't too bad as it is (just a bit of tidying up needed). Heartfelt thanks to IEatDC and 2Washingtons for your suggestions and advice.

Up this week (and I can make this promise as I've already been working diligently on the post) - NoVa restaurant geography, for those who fear the Commonwealth.


Manimal said...

Would be nice to have a Bouchon near D.C...

iEatDC said...

Looking forward to your pro-kid suggestions for my food-loving (and overdue) NoVa friend The Dirty Radish. Agree that Top Chef DC is disappointingly the most meh season thus far. And what's with the fast?! Your own personal Yom Kippur?

Angela said...

God, your baby is cute. Ridiculous. Also, you guys fasted for 24 hours?!! I'm pretty sure Mark wouldn't make it more than 8. How often do you do it?

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

Ha! No, we did not celebrate a Jewish holiday, just needed to find some balance. It was rough!

Ang, thanks for the baby love. We like to think he's pretty cute too!