Monday, July 19, 2010

Lunch Liaisons: Pizzeria Orso

(Lunch liaisons is a regular segment wherein C and I meet for weekday lunch dates. The associated posts are not nearly as cloak-and-dagger as they may sound, but instead are reviews consistent with the quick and painless lunch hour theme).  

C's office was renovated over the weekend, so he had an alternate work site day Friday at home.  We took the opportunity to enjoy Pizzeria Orso for lunch.  The chef is formerly of 2Amy's, and it shows in the pizza.  It also obviously leads to comparisons.  I didn't realize at the time I was eating (or more accurately, devouring) it, but someone informed me later that the crust at Orso is actually made with sourdough....sshhhhh....I think that it might be better than 2Amy's.  Other than that, it's actually hard to tell the difference between the pies at the chef's former oven location and here.  I went with the basic Margherita DOC and C tried the special stuffed pizza of the day (with adequate meat content).  Both were on par with the best Neapolitan delights in the city.  We also had the seafood salad, which had a nice flavor and texture.  After pizza and salad, a rather large lunch for me, I was certain that I would have no room for dessert.  I was mistaken.  The pistachio cannoli was a perfect flavor combination; it really hit the spot at the end of the meal. 

I think the menu selection and service are lacking compared to 2Amy's, but there is the matter of the lack of a two-hour wait.  Have a feeling that our visits may now outnumber those to 2Amy's.  Most of that has to with convenience.  (I should note the restaurant was nearly empty for Friday lunch, and I would hope traffic picks up for the Orso folks.  That said, convenience is likely to suffer as a result.)  Pupatella will likely continue to get their share of the action as well.  I think the conclusion to be drawn is there is yet another Neapolitan gamer in town.


Manimal said...

Would trade convenience to keep Orso open. The pizza is top-notch. Here's hoping it sticks around!

Angela said...

Heh, you beat us. By a lot. We both totally agree with your assessment of the pizza. REALLY good. I was tempted to go to 2 Amys the next day to see if Orso really is better. In any event, we loved it. Though now I kind of wish I had saved room for a cannoli.

iEatDC said...

I liked it a lot, but wasn't blown away. I had a stuffed pizza, my favorite 2 Amys dish--just for comparison's sake. I like my favorite at 2 Amys better--the ripieno basilico--and of course, it's closer to where I live. The wait was long for Friday dinner. I'll stick to 2 Amys, but if I still lived in Arlington I prob could live on Orso alone. They serve Dolcezza gelato, where 2A has housemade ice creams. Both good, a little different.

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

With, evidently, just about every foodie in town trying out the place, you would think it would be crowded.