Friday, July 30, 2010

Frazzled Friday Thoughts

Marcel's grabbed the top prize in the annual Zagat ratings for DC/Baltimore, with a 29 for food. I'm a little surprised; we were not all that impressed (I prefer Beck).

A couple of weeks ago, we attempted to have an impromptu Bastille Day dinner at Cafe du Parc. It was not entirely successful, and Cafe du Parc will not be making the little spies list. But, the experience gives me pause to rethink my qualifications for the list. Perhaps attempting to bring a stroller to dinner is just asking too much, of my son, and of the restaurant. We tried a 5:30 outing at Metro 29 this evening, with a waking baby, one who wanted to entertain his compatriots in cuisine. It seemed to work better than bringing a sleeping stroller babe.

Though we did not have the most spectacular meal ever, I did learn a few things during our meal at Cafe du Parc. I blog anonymously (though one very well-intentioned exception will be made soon; details to follow post-Restaurant Week), so I make an effort not to out myself while dining. That's just me though. We had a very ironic experience at Cafe du Parc because we were seated next to a blogger who dines as a blogger. I've attended events with this blogger before, and I was not surprised that she was taking notes and asking questions - hey, it's a good way to get information. Anyhow, our waiter, servicing both tables, shared some of the history of both the restaurant and the Willard Hotel, in which Cafe du Parc is located. We had the benefit of eavesdropping on the blogger's conversation. Many of us know that MLK wrote the "I Have a Dream" speech at the Willard in 1963. Far fewer know that the hotel was closed five years later (due to mismanagement - kind of popular in DC in that era), and remained closed until 1986. Imagine, the beautiful hotel practically next door to the White House being shuttered for almost 20 years?! DC really has come a long way.

I have never watched One Tree Hill, so I'm ignorant as to any of the character references in her letter, but Sophia Bush, yeah, I sort of love her this week.

If you have trouble selecting restaurant week destinations (it's pressure-cooker decision), Washingtonian has a guide (kind of reminds me of US News school rankings). For what it's worth, none of my choices (make the top tier.

I'm all about the classier version of jello shots.

LeBron, yes, he's at it again (being an utter schmuck, that is). Tisk, tisk ESPN. I'm a little ashamed to say that I paid attention to yet another LeBron story, but it pointed me to this website, and all its ridiculousness. 

Oops, I made a mental note to check this out today and then forgot/got too busy. Did anyone wander over?

We're off to vacation, but not without a stop at the Cranberry Twp. Primanti Bros., just off the PA Turnpike. Some pre-scheduled posts will be coming your way in the interim, and hopefully, a guest post towards the end of my trip. In the meantime, enjoy this refreshing weather (anything less than 100 degrees feels like heaven about now!).


Angela said...

I feel the exact same way about Sophia Bush now.

Have a great time on vacation! Does this mean you're not going to be a Food Blogger happy hour next week?

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

I won't be there, but report back on how it is (was).