Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: Liberty Tavern

So, it's a little bit difficult to write a post by this title and to ignore the victorious elephant in the room today.  My hat's off to you, U.S. National Team. You never gave up, and in your own true dramatic fashion, gave us a sports thrill for all time. I was there at Irish Times hugging colleagues and screaming my butt off.  (Halftime created an opportunity for an exodus from our office - a large group of us gave up on the live updates that failed to work on our computers - damn you, Uncle Sam! - and headed to the pub). I'm not sure I can adequately express quite what I was feeling, but my fingers were trembling and my heart was racing. After taking the draw to almost 92', I am emotionally drained. There was a small melancholy aspect to the moment; that C and I couldn't share the experience (he was stuck in meetings in Chicago without access to phone or internet - :( so not fair). This was a true moment for U.S. sports, and I wanted to share my joy (heck, the pub's collective joy) with him. (I know, I know - I'm going to call myself out on the whole Jerry Maguire "it wasn't nearly complete" thing). That said, I am so very excited for the win, and 'believe' that the team can inspire us all. USA! USA! USA!

And speaking of winners, Penny needs your votes to get to that pinnacle in the Arlington's cutest dog contest. Our Bernese Mountain Dog just adores attention, and this is her opportunity to shine. PLEASE VOTE for her. She's a very special girl.

Now, on to the matter at hand, the other part of the title. I tend to think of Liberty Tavern as one of those reliable standards, a neighborhood haunt with good food. But, it's really more than that. Because we frequent LT for everything from take-out to brunch, I tend to forget just how superlative their foodie fare truly is. Pretty much every aspect of our latest experience was superlative...

FOOD: By this point in the post, it's likely obvious what C chose for his celebratory daddy-o meal - I mean, who could resist Liberty Tavern's picnic supper fried chicken dinner? It totally lived up to the hype - goodness in a four-piece meal. Pan-fried, the flavor and texture of the meat was along the lines of baked chicken. Yes, I said baked chicken, not roasted. The meat was not greasy at all, which is a good thing.  Our sides were mashed potatoes and watermelon. I would have preferred some of the advertised alternative sides, but I'm hardly heartbroken. What really made me happy was the biscuit and savory maple sausage gravy (we got extra to take home with our leftovers). That, and my delicious watercress salad.

SERVICE: Our service for this latest experience was so attentive, at times I thought I'd been outed as a blogger. We dragged in a stroller, and while the staff could have been understandably snotty, instead they were entirely accommodating. That, and they quickly and thoughtfully (like the aforementioned extra gravy) packed our leftovers when baby decided it was time for us to go home. AND there were complimentary COOKIES packed in our doggy bag. COOKIES! 

VALUE: For us, a meal at Liberty Tavern tends to average around $85 (before tip), with one of us drinking and multiple courses for both of us. It's not pocket change, but it's certainly a value, for the amount of food, yes, but more importantly, for the quality.

SCENE: I appreciate that the different parts of the restaurant function separately; that the bar is separate from the dining room, and separate yet from the patio (and I love the take-out window; in and out efficiently with Liberty Tavern at home - awesome). 


iEatDC said...

Ohhhh boy, baby + Berner = the other dogs really have no chance at all. That's almost mean.

Angela said...

I gotta agree. Penny's very cute on her own, but your ridiculously cute baby takes it over the top. I voted for her anyway.

I also did not get to watch the game but Mark did. He gave me the blow-by-blow afterward, but I wish I could have seen it myself!

I really liked Liberty Tavern when I went and that chicken sounds so, so good! Will have to go back.

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

Thanks for your votes girls. I felt a little bit like a beauty pageant mom allowing them to use that photo, but Penny needs me to pull out all the stops - she's behind in the voting to a dachshund named Fred. Friends and family will be hearing from me - hounding (no pun intended) commences.

Manimal said...

That chicken is great! A really nice plate for $15. Enjoyed the review!

Amanda said...

Your headline wins!