Monday, June 14, 2010

Sleepy Monday

The B&B that was my house this past weekend is officially closed for business. Guests + brunch for 25 = I'm exhausted. We had an East meets West themed brunch for my son's baptism. Catered shumei, shark fin dumplings, and pineapple buns from Rosslyn's China Garden. I made oven bacon (throw it on a foil lined broiler pan - the fat cooks off, and it's much more difficult to burn than frying it), scrambled eggs, and Paula Deen coffee cakes (that stick of butter; always a crowd pleaser). We also tossed a spinach salad, and also served some bagels, lox, and cream cheese from Costco (I hate that place, but at times, it's necessary), and my lovely sister-in-law sent a yummy Edible Arrangement (pretty and tasty, but wow, those things are expensive). Mimosas and Jasmine Iced Tea capped off a nice menu. It was a perfect ceremony and lovely brunch. 

I even tried to bring in brunch leftovers for the office this morning, only to be forced to store them in the office communal fridge. From the looks of our fridge (I have a small one in my office I brought in after one too many Lean Cuisines disappeared, so this was the first look into the communal one in months), it appears that the concept of personal responsibility has been thrown out the proverbial window. Goodness, there were no less than 75 plastic bags with various almost empty containers, a produce crisper drawer with a layer of brown liquid, and multiple ziplocs of rotting vegetables. I gagged when I opened the door. Seriously, folks, you continue to thrown in your crap and also eat of this abyss, and what, hope that someone will come and clean up after your disgusting arse?! Does everyone's office fridge resemble this state of neglect?

So now, after grossing you all out with tales of office fridge woes, I need a break. I'm done and just want to finish my RSS feed list. Here's some highlights:

Poste's Market to Market Dinners sound like a fun date night.
Best crab cakes in the city? The WaPo Going Out Gurus went on the hunt. Personally, I think Coastal Flats may deserve a higher ranking, but there are many on the list I have not yet tried.

NYTimes Food and Dining took note of the fact that farmer's markets are not just for veggies anymore....Sky rockets in flight, carnivores' delight....sing it with me now. Locally, I find that there are lots of pork offerings, but grass-fed poultry and moo-cows are harder to come by. Thoughts?

DCist ran this funny little BBC commentary on DC vs. London flavor during Saturday's epic cheap goal battle. USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

Metro employees had quite the week. I moved to DC with the ideal of using public transportation for life. Yeah, about that….don't ask me how much I now pay to park. We've got the drunks bragging about their multiple past arrests (yay!); reinstated bus drivers, one who ran a red light and killed a taxi passenger (granted, a neutral arbitror found in the driver's favor) and another who assaulted an off-duty police officer serving the community; finally, of course, we have the grand dame of them all (imagine the Keith Jackson voice): a union president who when all logic fails, cries "slavery" - yeah, I'm still confused also. And now they are wearing shorts! (Really, I have no problem with the shorts, but this headline fit into the general theme). Perhaps the new scorecard will solve Metro's woes (what, does my sarcasm not come through adequately?).

Alexandria is getting a home brewery (via WeLoveDC). 

On the North side of the Commonwealth, Beard award-winner Kojo is coming!!! A two-hour live Arlington-centric broadcast from Clarendon's St. Charles Catholic Church tomorrow (6-8:30, Tues., June 15). Too much fun for Arlington food nerds!! 

This month's food blogger happy hour was at Zentan. Susur Lee's place is a ton of fun. Perhaps his Singapore Slaw is not laden with technique, but the salted plum dressing is truly addictive. On the bar side, to call the Blood Orange Blossom a strong cocktail would be an understatement. It led (seriously, one cocktail?!) to really bad timing on losing an iPhone. In Apple's defense, I think the Clarendon store helper man was trying hint at things to help me out, but I only speak food nerd, not computer nerd. One last thought on Donovan House, the ADC rooftop pool is a posh spot, perhaps too cool for me. 

I do love me some Jen & Liz from WaPo's Celebritology. One just had a baby, so we have that whole soul mates thing going. They are smart and snarky. They covered Lost oh so well. And, they praise Zach Gilford and Friday Night Lights too.

Is it just me, or does this Seersucker Social business remind you of a Renaissance Fair?

Finally, the new daddy at my address must choose which foodie events we shall attend this week to celebrate his big day. Shall it be a baby-inclusive celebration of Kid's Restaurant Week (Art & Soul looks particularly good), the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival at the National Harbor (featuring Capital Cooking and Pork Barrel BBQ), or a late celebration Monday with Liberty Tavern's gluttony-filled fried chicken picnic dinner.

I now have, let's see, no less than six posts in the queue, so look for a busy week here at Deepthroat's Guide. For now, I rest.


lindelle said...

I'm glad to hear that the baptism went well! I can't imagine cooking and entertaining 25 people, but you made it sound quite easy :)

Manimal said...

Very interesting links!

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

Thanks for your comment, Lindelle. The references to exhaustion were certainly not meant to make things sound easy. It was quite the endeavor, but a really special time.

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