Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lots to Love About Northside Social

I'm not even sure that I need to write this post, it's pretty much been covered. Yeah, everyone gets it, Northside Social in Clarendon is pretty awesome. For what it's worth, here is what makes it awesome to me:

1. Vibe - Unlike it's predecessor, it's not (yet) exclusively full of hipsters with nothing to do but harass their barista friends, preventing them from making paying customers' coffees. Yup, all likes of society are here - the mommies, the students (about two feet from GMU law), and the old folks.

2. Wine! - While in line for coffee, I was sidetracked (yeah, the wine is not located next to the coffee line by accident) by a bottle of Spruce Goose Pinot. For reference, I'm in love with this vineyard because they craft a pinot grape juice  to serve the beverage palates of the non-drinkers and preggers amongst us.

3. Noshing - The sandwiches, for like $6 or $7, are pretty freakin good. As the pork belly was so highly recommended, this has been my only between the buns foray thus far (synopsis - tender and pleasantly complex, needed a little dijon to bring out the flavors, kick-ass potato salad). I definitely will try and try again though.

4. Baked Goods - Also, reasonably priced at $2. Thus far, both the chunky monkey scone (banana and choc chips, mmmm) and apple turnover have been delectable.

5. Internet - Two, yes two!, free wi-fi networks

And somehow, I left off the coffee, the main draw. It's Counter Culture, and it's served in a tasty and efficient manner, all I really ask for in a coffeehouse. Northside Social, however, clearly is shooting to be more than a coffeehouse, and it appears succeeding. Already, outside seating is at a premium, and significant lines are to be found on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Double bonus points info - The folks behind Northside Social (and Liberty Tavern, and Lyon Hall) just bought the the Alpine Restaurant space on Lee Highway in North Arlington. Another exciting prospect!


Angela said...

I'm so jealous that you're so close - I feel like if it was in our neighborhood, Mark would never leave. Also, thanks for the link; coincidentally, I also linked to you (katsu post) in our post today!

iEatDC said...

Oooh the Lib Tav folks are taking over the world. I lived in Arlington for four years, and they've opened two places since I left (Northside and Lyon Hall). Shabam! I wasn't a Murky fan. I'm glad Northside is better!

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

Angela, I read the katsu post as well (thanks for the nod); and I'm definitely going to have to return to Sushi Taro for sushi decadence. Their rainbow roll is hands-down the best I've had.

IEatDC, I remember grumbling together about the annoyingness (I'm making that a word) of Murky Coffee. Northside Social is such a refreshing replacement. The Commonwealth will pull you back in!

Anonymous said...

hi neighbor!
(i think u can see my building pool from yr place) thanks for the neighborly tip--am gonna check out N.side Social.
<3 Nan