Friday, June 25, 2010

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

This here to the left of your screen would be the Wikipedia logo. I had this horrible scare this week (have been invited into a blogging network that I am absolutely excited about, but they were concerned I was using copyrighted information - don't worry; I've been issued the all clear now) regarding my use of the real Mark Felt's likeness. Needless to say, Wikipedia public domain information was part of the issue, so I'm posting their logo just for fun (and because, according to my lawyer, I can!). This little hiccup is past me now, but it does raise some of my blog issues that tend to plague me (though I figured out Google Analytics, like a big girl, all on my own. For that, I clearly get a gold star). So, for your mocking (of my lower than even sub-par technology knowledge) and (hint, hint, screaming from the rooftops, hint) commenting, here are some of the things that bother me about my blog, but of which I'm not sure exactly how to address. If I'm going to be legit, I need your help folks:

Honestly (and by honestly, I mean criticize willingly, my skin isn't that thin), do I need to upgrade to a custom design template? It took me forever to manage this (slightly edited) blogger-sponsored version. A custom design would mean I would need to hire someone to do it for me.

Is it worth hosting and redirecting to This is a not-for-profit, small scale operation. I don't want to subscribe to any monthly fees, and though the blog tends to pulling me in that direction, this is not fated to be my profession. Dammit, I will continue to hang on to my professional degree (and all of those student loans) with all of my might. Is there a clear benefit to officially becoming a .com (and associating with something as super cheesy as Danica Patrick and

How do I make my Tweet this, share on facebook, and Google search widgets cuter?  They are so very utilitarian. While yes, my theme is 70's bureaucrat, I would like a little flare. Also, when I share on facebook, the blog title comes through, but not the post title? Anyone out there know why the programming works this way?

While at it, one more thing, how do I include a widget for following me on Twitter and becoming a fan on facebook? Again, cute - obviously.

I'm currently planning a NoVa restaurant geography post (with luck, and five minutes of free time, next week). I would like it to include some mapping function. Is there a relatively pain-free way to do this? Or, alternatively, can I post a PDF? If not, I'll have to take a pic of a map, and well, that seems rather ridiculous.

How do I get my tag links to be in a non-spinning, more useful, application?

That's all I can think of for now. Perhaps you have suggestions as well. I'm open to any and all. Cheers.


iEatDC said...

I like the produce b ackground. If I remember correctly it used to be a black background with red writing? Much harder to read. I've used the Blogger widgets for Follow Me On Twitter logo button things, some are cute. I've thought about the .com but don't feel like doing it, really. If you have a mac and easy way to do it is to use iWeb to make your site and then get it forwarded to a cheap domain name (from Yahoo or something).

Google allows you to make custom maps. If you do it while signed in on your personal account your name will show, so make sure you are on your blog Gmail account. You can embed the map in several sizes onto the web page (like I have on the left side on my site). If you go to "Design" then "Add Gadget" you can look for the cuter Twitter link things. Email me if you have questions that aren't too technical :)

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

Wow, that's fabulously informative. Thanks. I do have a Mac, but I'm never attempted iWeb. I'm thinking that with your informational assistance here, I may just be able to pull off this geography post, but perhaps not until the weekend. This is great.

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