Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cooking from Memory: Throwdown Green Burritos

I was quite literally salivating after Throwdown Burrito (and subsequently, Throwdown Brownie, but that's a post for another day). While there's not yet a recipe posted for Bobby's Green Chile Pork Burritos, I was not to be deterred. I tried my own creations from memory - see photos and descriptions below - but as a quick helper on Bobby's version, here's a handy bullet point list.

Beans: puree green onions, olive oil, white vinegar and cilantro to make vinaigrette, mix with white beans

Pork: pork shoulder, cut into large chunks and seared in olive oil, salt and pepper, then cooked on low heat in chicken stock (add pureed tomatillos, poblanos, garlic, and red onions that had been roasted in the oven; cook down to make stew). Reserve sauce for service.

Rice: puree spinach and cilantro, add to cooked white rice

Guacamole: mash avocados, lime juice, cilantro, jalapenos, and red onion

Cheese: queso fresco or cojito

Bobby tells me nothing about his tortilla, but adds green hot sauce.

On the other hand, here's my cheap version (in that I did not remember exact instructions, nor do I follow them anyway).

First, I started with the roasting of the peppers. See my rudimentary method below:

 Next I seared the pork, pretty much as Bobby did, in olive oil, salt and pepper 
(I used a non-stick pan rather than a dutch oven).

I seem to have attained that "crust" to which Bobby referred. Good for me. However, at this point, I departed from the Iron Chef's directions and went with my trusty old slow cooker for finishing off the pork (about 8 hours with peppers, as referenced later, for maximum flavor goodness).

In the slow cooker went those roasted peppers (see finished product below). To Bobby's tomatillos and poblanos, I added some anaheim chiles for some heat. I chopped them up and discarded about half of the seeds before adding to the pork.

Those eight hours left me plenty of time for other ingredients, like the cilantro, stored in my creative method below.  Cilantro went into my guac, rice, and beans. It was my universal green. The guac was on the simple side - avocado, cilantro, orange zest, hot sauce, salt and pepper.  For the rice, I seem to have pretty well imitated Bobby's version (cilantro and spinach added to cooked rice), though I did not bother with pureeing and I cooked my rice in a steamer. The beans (cannellini beans for me) were the simplest component - chopped scallions and a few remaining sprigs of cilantro finished them off.

For service, I went with large Burrito shells found at the Salvadoran grocery next to Boccato Gelato (mmm, distracted yum) in Clarendon. I thought these would be high in calories as they most certainly must have been made with lard, but actually, they weighed in at 180 cals each, with a whopping five grams of fiber. For cheese, I shaved some cojito, which added a pleasant saltiness. The pork was served dripping from the slow cooker (fat had been removed). Finally, as Bobby directed, my version was finished off with jalapeno hot sauce. Deeee-licious.

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High five! I like your pictures.

I love Throwdown. Throwdown Breakfast makes me want to go to Louisville.