Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What do Lost and Blueberry Pie Have in Common?

...my Tuesday night.

Ok, so it's time to say goodbye to Lost (well, it will be a process, this week and next). It's not much of a goodbye at this point as my favorite characters were already killed off. I cannot express how ridiculous the grief I felt was; seriously, I know that Sayid and Sun and Jin are characters on a silly television show, but they have always seemed the most complex and they were killed off so quickly, and one after the other, that it was heartbreaking. I was crying for a good fifteen minutes, and had to watch Glee before going to bed just so I would not be so melancholy for Wednesday. For me, that particular episode may better any finale to come. Well, it sure as hell betters last week's. This past week's episode was like Alec Baldwin following Betty White, no Baldwin was actually better than that. I think we can all agree, all the mysticism and glowing light came out of left field. There may be some folks out there who enjoyed it, but I for one thought it was utter crap.
For me, Lost has one small potential window of redemption. We will explain this all away as one little CJ gone bad confused episode in which the Lost producers needed to explain some lingering questions, and simply did not know how. Here's how it is going to go: we properly get a sci-fi or just scientific explanation that all this freaky-deeky stuff is related to the island's location on Earth and it's natural electromagnetic properties relating to said location, that the folks who lived on the island many many years ago were not learned and thus did not know about electromagnetism and mistook 'the light' for something mystical; yada, yada, yada. Said explanation ensues (along with all the other dramatic parallel life crap, blah, blah, blah) and no one gets hurt. That, or I'm going to have to eat this whole damned blueberry pie out of frustration. I do love simplicity in a dessert (the ingredient list: pastry flour, butter, water, salt, sugar, brown sugar, lots and lots blueberries). For your enjoyment, blueberry pie in process:

Baked goodness to be tweeted tomorrow.

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Manimal said...

That was an amazing blueberry pie! Now we just need the Lost finale to equal the pie...:)