Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Week's Worth of Recipes

Recipe for a v. fattening Saturday and Sunday

Recipe for improving a rainy Monday evening (subbed with swiss chard)

Recipe for being charmed by a cooking lesson on a Wednesday (to be blogged soon; working with some co-collaborators on this one)

Recipe for breaking a town's collective heart on a Thursday :(

Recipe for at least one player partially redeeming himself (still on Thursday)

Recipe for covering birthday reservation and gift in one step (the hubby knows we are well beyond hints at this point) - don't care which day of the week - I Flip For Food's Review put me over the edge.

Recipe for superbly acted television on Fridays (if you have not watched FNL, you are missing out; we all need a little Tim Riggins in our lives)


Manimal said...

There is no way the Caps could have disappointed this town more... but Laich deserves props for the tire change. Maybe they should buy everyone dinner at Minibar...

MrsWheelbarrow said...

week's abundance of good stuff. as the FNL - we are HUGE fans (yet have no kids and don't particularly care for football) and cannot wait for the new season.