Friday, May 21, 2010

Putting the Social in Social Media

Ever since having my son, blogging has become more important to me than I ever would have thought.  For goodness sake, I've bested my 2008 and 2009 yearly totals, and it's only May. My wonderful husband recognizes that this is important to me and offers support, assistance, and insight in my endeavors. This has allowed me to become more and more involved in the blogging world, which is something I never imagined I would be even interested in, not to mention enjoy.

Recently, I've found that with the blogging, comes bloggers, and that food bloggers are one fun group of people. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen and Mrs. Wheelbarrow of Mrs. Wheelbarrow's Kitchen in covering a Marcus Samuelsson event. If you don't know Steamy Kitchen or Mrs. Wheelbarrow, you should. At the event, I also had the opportunity to meet Elyssa of State Dinner, Jason of DC Fud, and Justice Fergie. Like I said, food bloggers are a fun group of folks.

I've also been to the last couple of DC Food Bloggers Happy Hours, at Art & Soul and Restaurant 3 (or 3 Bar, or whatever it is now). Next up - Zentan - join in on the fun! Met a ton more fun folks, most of whom you will find listed here. It's great to meet a person and three seconds later, share a meal. Like I said, food bloggers are a fun group of folks.

Speaking of sharing meals, we were so all over that at this week's GNO at Lyon Hall with some lovely ladies. Quick thoughts on Lyon Hall: semi-coed bathrooms - I don't think I'm a fan; Euro brasserie fare is good, not great (certainly not Liberty Tavern - had their takeout again recently - so good), but I do think it will improve once some of the kinks are worked out; I like the selection of small plates, as well as the wine and beer lists; vibe and crowd is hard to pinpoint - at this point, it's a mix; finally - they need to get themselves a real website. It really didn't matter what Lyon Hall was like, our group was going to have a fabulous time. Like I said, food bloggers are a fun group of folks. (People who leave you with quotes like, "I would do Coach [Taylor] so hard!" - how can they not be fun?)

Next week, I'll be dining in with some blogger-prepared goodness and tweeting with friends at a Capital Cooking Show event. Cause, like I said, food bloggers are a fun group of folks.

Finally, things I learned today: Control+P while using Blogger means 'Post' not 'Paste'. RSS Feed followers - sorry for the multiple links.

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