Friday, May 14, 2010

Mid-May Deliciousness

Trending over the last week or so; #caneles, #this smackdown; and #potential Minibar and Komi reservations up in smoke (at least we got to Komi first).

Rick Bayless is slated to cater the next state dinner, for Felipe Calderon of Mexico. Perhaps this means a Topolobampo reservation is off the table too.

I the opportunity to meet lots of fun folks at the most recent DC Food Bloggers happy hour. Excited for more opportunities to blog collaboratively soon (to come: Marcus Samuelsson, Girls Night Out at Lyon Hall, and TBD on the 25th). In other exciting blogger news, I reached pre-pregnancy weight on Mother's Day, about 5-7 pounds from optimal (ran a half-marathon prior to getting pregnant and somehow gained weight in the process?!; and no, it could not have been all muscle). Speaking of optimal, I've learned to embrace realism in setting 'optimal' goals. I realize that my thunder thighs mean I will never be a zero, and that's okay. I'm a mother, lawyer, wife, cook, blogger; you get it, a busy lady. I don't need to kill myself for a number. As long as I'm healthy, and feel fit, there's no reason to not be happy with myself. Plus, as a close friend once told me, she doesn't want to have to tell me again that I look like I need a doughnut (bless her heart).

Speaking of happy Mother's Day thoughts, what exactly is wrong with a free burger on Mother's Day? Some people want a burger so bad, they are willing to break in to cook one (from my top notch detective skills, it appears that said culinary burglar was at Caribbean Breeze in Ballston).

The new criss-cross sidewalks debuted in Chinatown. Anyone had the pleasure yet? Does it actually work? Less taxicabs available (one friend raised this concern)?

Clarendon has got to get some freaking originality.

Another reason to indulge in Willamette Valley Pinots.

I'll also use this occasion to close out with a little insider information. In case I left much question for any of you, I am not in fact W. Mark Felt (a.k.a. the Watergate informant). Nope, he's deceased. I'm a wife and new mom alive and kicking in Arlington, lawyering for the federal government, and blogging my way through foodie and other adventures. I choose to blog anonymously because, well basically, because I'm paranoid. 99% of the time, there is no content considered even slightly controversial to be found on this blog. In addition, most friends and family know about my blog; and there are a handful of fellow bloggers out there who know my first name and what I look like. But, I started under-the-radar, and it works for me. No need to reveal my identity just yet.

Up next week, Ris, the things I wish I had blogged, and thoughts, theories, and goodbyes to Lost.


iEatDC said...

Good stuff. I agree on the anonymity (mine is quasi). I'm a little paranoid, too. It was a big step for me to show up at the happy hour! It meant people might know my name! And what I look like! Scary.

Stacey Viera said...

That break-in story had me wondering, too, if CB was indeed the location. Ha!

Your pseudonym tickles me. I should Google Mr. Felt to see how many people are blogging under his persona.

Thanks for the update, sister Arlingtonian, and for today's random musings. Hope to meet you - for real - at a foodie event soon.


Angela said...

Hee, I can't wait to meet you! Also, I can't wait for the Ris write-up, I've been curious about that place for awhile.

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

Awww, thanks for the comments and support girls.