Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things were going on other than Top Chef?

I discovered kombucha tea, and it's not bad. Dying of thirst one day, I ducked into our Whole Foods and found Honest Tea's version. It's something along the lines of a less sweet, more refreshing Strongbow (oh, lovely Strongbow, how I adore that you are sold in plastic jugs at Sainsbury's). I definitely would indulge again for refreshing alternative to beer on hot summer days.
Please, please, please Dremo's, find your way back home. Speaking of happy hours - now that I'm a madre, I have been considering just what is appropriate territory to bring baby in tow. Though I don't think I'd go quite as far as this amusing little segment (especially if Wonderland Ballroom is even slightly like Clarendon Ballroom; never been, so I'm not sure), I did consider taking my little guy to Carpool during the middle of the day to watch a few tourney games and enjoy a beer. We are very slowly starting to embrace the idea of dining out with children rather than the restrictive dining mantra I embraced for such a long period. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this (obviously hipster v. parent contentious) one; clearly worth debate.
Whilst atop the soapbox, let's talk about dining destination locations. People seem to really love eating their chicken wings while sitting in parked cars, including the Wachovia drive-thru across the street from our house. I know that a drive-thru is not the ideal space to walk a dog, but our puppy likes to pee there; what can I say? I'm just confused as to the allure of eating chicken wings while sitting a car, and then throwing the residue out the window. It's evidently not just a problem in our neighborhood (see the comments section of the above link). WTF? Please stop killing innocent little doggies.
Unfortunately, the weather has turned to down-right-scorching this week. I may have to wait until the fall to make Tahini soup - sounds good though.
It looks like my soon-to-be-new office building is finally welcoming its long-advertised tenant (seriously, those signs have been up for years). Between Buddha Bar, the Busboys and Poets outpost, and this sushi place, NoMa may just work out.
Finally, in response to the only food-related news that garners more tweets than Sarcozy at Ben's (did anyone else see the John OIiver "Here's a Hint - They're Coming from Belgium" rant? - funny stuff), and the need to share all things Top Chef, I think it's high time I create a twitter account. Look for it to be "officially" up and running before week's end.

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