Thursday, April 29, 2010

Postcards Lost in the Mail

Summer 2009 was some time ago, and as my regular readers know, I was in the midst of my maternity blogging hiatus. We did, however, fit some travel in, some for weddings (Sedona and Connecticut) and a babymoon (Bermuda).

Our first stop on the 2009 wedding tour (it was supposed to be Louisville, but Delta stranded us at ATL, so those plans were forcibly scrapped) was in Sedona, Arizona last May (thankfully May, it was hot enough already). Having had tasty Mexican in Phoenix (even in the chain joints), I suspected that Sedona might have tasty Sonoran goodness. Alas, I was mistaken. We also tried the higher class fare - again, not the greatest. In fact, the best meal I had during the entire stay was the huevos rancheros at this silly little place. For meals after 5:30 AM (seriously, the locals were up just as early as my Eastern-time-zone-ridiculously-early-rising pregnant butt), the Italian at the wedding reception was about the only satisfactory dining experience. Our conclusion was that Sedona is not a foodie destination, but instead, a place to spa and hike. The hiking was spectacular (Red Rocks, anyone?). And whilst out on the trails and in desperate need of agua, we happened upon Enchantment (quite literally) - I cannot wait until we have the money, babysitting services, and time to pay a proper visit.

Also part of wedding season; Mystic, Connecticut (and surrounding areas). Not a ton of free time for foodie exploration on this particular journey, but we did enjoy some seafood, New Haven style pizza, and of course the local Dunkin outpost (when in Rome, or not, for that matter). These were what I deemed to be the local dining experiences. Did not, however, have a chance to stop in at the eponymous pizza shop for which dame Julia will be forever grateful.

And finally, in October, we took a babymoon to Bermuda. Two words - Fairmont Southampton. Our hotel rocked; in fact, we barely left. Not only did the property include one of the oldest restaurants in Bermuda (great steaks, but crappy service), we also enjoyed a breathtaking seaside view and Asian seafood, and the poolside grill fare was rather tasty for a resort as well. Perhaps not surprising that all of the resort dining destinations were packed every night; no one wanted to leave. Frankly, in preparing to stay at a resort, I kind of prepare for the inevitable crappy culinary experience. This vacation was just the opposite, remarkably pleasant. In fact, we only ventured off the property briefly, to the historic town of Hamilton, and where did we end up having lunch while in town? But the Fairmont Hamilton Princess of course.

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Manimal said...

Great reviews! Enchantment was awesome!