Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday (supposed to be) Morning Post

Greatest quote from C last week: "You know for a place full of kids, Dairy Godmother isn't very kid friendly." After abandoning the stroller outside (as per DG's request), and then being chastised for setting down the car seat on the counter in order to pay, we're thinking that it might be best to hold off until the little one can walk before we attempt a return. Which, by the by, makes me think we need a good old-fashioned Dairy Queen (the kind with a walk-up window) somewhere near the city.

Read Modern Domestic's rhubarb polenta cake recipe and got inspired (because I have admitted issues with following recipes) to empty the fridge and cupboards of all items near the expiration date (5 day bananas, ricotta cheese, cornmeal, as well as braeburn apples and bosc pears, the respective textures of which lended towards baking). My ricotta-polenta cake with apple/pear compote was pretty, but the Red Mill course-grind cornmeal did not mix well with the other ingredients. Nice flavor though.

What better place than my blog to share the news that my dad bowled a 300?! Hey, this doesn't happen everyday (ok, maybe it does) but just ask the folks in my hometown - where evidently news traveled so fast that dad was getting pats on the back the next day at the bank, the church, the bar, the gas station (how cute?!) - how big of a deal it is. In addition to this thoroughly awesome bauble for his milestone, here's one more opportunity to revel in the spotlight. Congrats Dad!

I spent part of last week determining that I did not, as previously suspected, poison my family with beef stew. Yay!! - well, except for the friends and family that were taken down in the process of ruling out food poisoning - sincerely sorry everyone. It turns out my little guy was passing out a rather nasty stomach bug (it was a rough one). Luckily, little man did not get sick, but I did throw out the fennel beef stew leftovers out of caution. Too bad, the stew was really good.

Also, I observed an interesting phenomenon with the push to put calories on menus at chain restaurants. At Panera last week, as C prepared to order his regular, the whopping 520 calorie (for the half portion!!!) Italian Combo, he paused and went with a lower calorie chicken sandwich instead. Wow - it was remarkable. While yes, this little empirical evidence set is limited, if you regularly observed just how much meat my hubby takes in, you would be astounded by the power of caloric suggestion as well. Hmmm - food for thought - the choices we make when armed with information.

Stopped in for a delicious cafe au lait and chunky monkey scone at Northside Social. Only after ordering did I notice the sandwich menu, and read the various tweets concerning such - this warrants a return.

This week, look forward to Cart-O-Rama, my health care rant (it's been simmering for a while now, it was bound to boil over - feel free to ignore), and our lunch liaison at Charlie Palmer Steak.

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