Monday, April 5, 2010

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Our normal takeout rotation...while I would like to limit our intake to one dinner and one weekend lunch a week, with limited dining out opportunities, we tend to average a little more than that. For reference, here's our usual rotation:

Big Buns (Ballston) - Grilled mahi on wheat for me, with pineapple, avocado, and black bean salsa...sometimes I add sweet potato fries...Mmmm....C usually goes for the burger, topped with a fried egg, and the chipotle aioli, And he never skips the fries.

Domino's (various locations) - Usually, we do the two mediums for $5.99 each deal. I like the thin crust, with spinach, mushrooms, and light cheese. C likes the garlicky hand-tossed (which is pretty good, if I can handle the caloric intake) with a combination of meats.

Cafe Tirolo (Ballston) - I like either the mushroom ravioli or goulash with spetzle. Both are on the heavy side, but are great for a filling meal. We also usually split the spinach and mushroom salad, served with a zesty Italian vinaigrette. C loves the spaghetti and meatballs, but also enjoys the smaller-sized linguine with clams. A couple of times we have also tried the killer blueberry torte.

Sushi Zen (North Arlington) - The Rainbow Roll here is consistently full of the good stuff - tuna, flounder, salmon, snapper. We also like the Ruby Red Roll (shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, red roe) and Pacific Roll (fresh and smoked salmon, tuna, eel, and avocado)

Homemade Pizza Company (Cherrydale) - Never had a bad pizza, salad, or cookie from here. The sausage and caramelized onion is

Cheesecake Factory (Clarendon) - Ok, you all clearly know that the Cheesecake Factory menu is longer than the Bible. C, however, manages to always order the same thing - sliders as an appetizer and the jambalaya pasta (I've told you how he's a big eater before). I tend to try to find a lighter dish (the French country salad is good) so that I can afford a piece, or half, given the sizes here, of the blueberry white chocolate cheesecake.

Delhi Dhaba (Courthouse) - Nothing too extravagant; they deliver and we like it. Chicken Tikka Masala is always reliable, and the Chicken Biriyani is a yummy rice dish.

TNR Cafe (Courthouse) - Simple Chinese takeout. They make all the favorites, and will deliver bubble tea. I particularly like the apple green tea version.

Crystal Thai (Seven Corners) - The only Thai place we've found that will deliver (funny, since it is nowhere near our place). The Pad Thai kind of sucks, but the Pad Woon Sen (C with beef, and me with chicken or tofu) is really good. Most of the Thai restaurants do not offer this dish, so we really like Crystal Thai for including it on the menu. The Spicy Catfish is really tasty, but has some serious spice - your mouth will burn.

Earl's Sandwiches (Courthouse/Clarendon) - Anything with the house-roasted turkey (including the Clarendon, with cranberry sauce and french toast) is fabulous.

Now, I'm getting hungry again. Any suggestions for additions to the rotation would be appreciated.


Mary said...

I LOVE Delhi Dhaba. Not the best, but like you say, consistent. Great meeting you tonight!

W. Mark Felt said...

I regretfully forgot to include Chik-fil-A on my list. The classic sandwich is always great, and I also love the Chargrilled & Fruit Salad.

Mary, great meeting you too!