Friday, April 9, 2010

In a Techy State of Mind

It's official folks: @dclovesfood is up and running. Thanks to lots of folks for ideas, advice, and examples in getting things going. For the longest time, I avoided Twitter, convinced that it was the degradation of society. Alas, however, it's time to give up my moral superiority and accept reality - Twitter is the way of the world.

I also added some upgrades to the blog; with a new template, twitter feed, and subscription links. I am hoping be legit, and customize my template at some point in time, but this html coding stuff is a bit beyond my blogger pay grade. Oh, and you can contact me via email now too.


Manimal said...

Looks great!

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

Being new to all of this, as I noted, what is "#FF" ??!!