Friday, April 2, 2010

The House With the Big Orange T: Toscana Cafe

I title my post this because despite several visits to Toscana Cafe (just East of Union Station on Cap Hill, near my favorite coffee shop - Ebenezer's), I did not know the name. What I did know was that their sandwiches are crazy good. Reliable standards include the Caprese (your basic tomato and mozzarella, with a, pardon my language, kick-ass balsamic), Genovese (smoked pulled chicken), and I think it's called the Palermo (pork shoulder with rapini pesto) all served on yummy homemade ciabatta. This time, inducting C into the club with our latest lunch liaison (still have not found a satisfactory title), I made sure to note the name on the door. Salads are also good, but not made to order. The Italian entrees and pizza also look to be mouth-watering, but a bit heavy for lunch. C highly recommends the previously-referenced Palermo.

Bye for now - is it acceptable to wish you all a "happy" Good Friday....perhaps we'll go with happy Easter to all.

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Manimal said...

It is a real treat, but really difficult to find! I would have never known it existed but for the invite :)