Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Spring is most decidedly here, and as Tim Carman tells us, food cart season is warming up. Sadly, for my favorite little red cart that could, that evidently means soon moving indoors. I'm thrilled for the friendly folks (they are seriously just the sweetest people) at the Pupatella cart for their opportunity to officially open a restaurant. It's a tad bittersweet, however, that I will no longer be I'm glad that I will still be able to walk over to the cart and have Enzo, Anastasiya, and crew coo over my baby boy while my pizza bakes. I'm left to ponder a few things: (1) Will the lovely nutella-stuffed donuts still be served up to the morning faithful at the bricks and mortar location?, (2) Will the restaurant hours be expanded beyond those of the cart?, and (3) How hard is it to park at the new locale at Wilson and George Mason Drive? The appeal of Pupatella goodness baked in a wood-fired oven appeals to me to find answers to those questions.

Thankfully, Rebel Heroes is up to the task of carting around Arlington with lunch fare. Have not yet had a chance to try their variations on Banh Mi, but I'm so happy to not have to drive through the chaos that is Eden Center to enjoy Vietnamese sandwiches. Yippy - tweeted locations and ordering forms - just my style. Nevertheless, attention all entrepreneurs, we still need more food carts in Arlington - many, many more.

In the meantime, I'll have to let the DC selections satisfy my cravings for food served from trucks. No offense to the ever-popular Fojol Bros. or Vinny & Pedro's, but the Saucamobile and Food Chain DC are my personal faves. My selections have more to do with proximity to my office than anything, but I'll take a Sauca or jerk chicken wrap over a Union Station food court sandwich any day.

The busy tweeters from the Saucamobile are again some of the nicest guys you will find. That, and they serve up tasty internationally-themed sandwiches - the only problem is that they often run out before everyone in the One Mass Ave. area (Wednesday lunches) can get in on the action.  Thus far, I've had their lighter version of a croque monsieur with lemon mayo (one of the various sauce offerings), as well as the schawarma with tahini sauce and picked vegetables.  I've not yet tried the breakfast saucas or the toffles (topped waffles), which may be a good thing as they both look heavy enough to be the death of the post-pregnancy weight progress I've made. One more plus, the Saucamobile takes credit cards.

Next, I come to the nicest (sensing a theme here? - perhaps there is a certain joy derived from working out of a truck - hmm, a thought) cart person of all, who has recently returned to her post at North Capitol and E to serve us Food Chain DC fare. For just $5, with either fire or smoke sauce (or both, as I prefer), the jerk chicken wrap with coconut rice and black beans is tasty enough to demand a local following. My office mates previously flocked to this particular cart because the soda was cheaper than anywhere else; ever since the jerk chicken wraps were introduced (some time last fall), they can't seem to stay away.

And, just last night I heard that there are truck-delivered lobster rolls on the way....


Chris said...

Note that the cart is supposedly going to remain as part of the business, so perhaps you can drop the bitter and keep the sweet.

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

Thanks for the information. The post has been updated accordingly.