Thursday, March 11, 2010

Too Much For One Title

Ok, first, nearly peeing myself with excitement at the prospect of Top Chef..., wait for it,....DC!!! Amanda from Metrocurean shared the news just a little over an hour ago, and I'm already plotting as to how I can score a restaurant wars reservation. If necessary, I will use my 3-month old as leverage; believe it! So, there's that. Sigh.

Also, tried afternoon tea at the Ritz-Carlton Tysons last Sunday - a nice afternoon with the girls. While the company was lovely, the tea service was mediocre as a whole. I had heard good things, but ehhh. Part of the problem was the value - if the prices range from "afternoon tea" at $39 to "royal tea" (booze and strawberries with cream) at $51, let's not tell a girl just how many tea sandwiches she can have, especially if that number is four. The other problem was the balance of savory to sweet  - after the limited sandwiches, there were far too many pastries. Plus, the goodies sort of tasted a day old. Service could have been a little friendlier too. The one positive was the selection, the Green Tea Passion and Pear Caramel were both tasty. Though my last visit was over five years ago, so I cannot speak from recent experience, I much prefer the comparably-priced tea service at the Willard (in Peacock Alley, which kind of adds its own charm).

And finally, I'm thinking to introduce a new regular post from my lunches with C; brief posts in keeping with the lunch hour theme. Any suggestions for clever titles are appreciated - I've considered "lunch liaisons", but that sounds a lot more scandalous than these sans baby meals really are. Anyhow, for the first of our forays into dating at the noon hour, we tried Sei in Chinatown. Now, I'm not a fan of sister restaurant Oya, but Sei was awesome. We noshed on lots of goodies, because most of the menu was included on the $19 "Restaurants Unleashed" 3-course lunch menu. Dishes to be pointed out - the Wasabi Guacamole - a huge portion to be shared, and the Orange Miso bread pudding - heaven. We also tried the Fish and Chips roll - killer. The only problem - we were concerned that the prix fixe menu would mean small portions (which they weren't - instead, it was a ton of food), so we waddled back to our respective offices (particularly C, who had to finish more than one of my courses).

Ok, off to get beef stew in the slow-cooker so it's ready in time for dinner. Cheers.

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Manimal said...

How about "Lunches on the Lam"? A play on words, plus a thought about a baby-less lunch?