Monday, March 8, 2010

The Ray's Empire Strikes Back Again, and Again, and Again....

I just read that Michael Landrum is planning to expand his burger repertoire with Ray's the Game, opening this month. Evidently, the Game will focus on burgers made of everything from ground elk to ground duck - hmmmmm.....

I've been a little out of the loop, so imagine my surprise in learning that shortly after Ray's the Game is slated to become part of the neighborhood rotation (in the original Hellburger space in the Courthouse strip mall that all of us Ray's lovers have come to know and love), Landrum will be taking on two additional projects. In April, Ray's the Glass will start offering tasting menus with wine pairings. (Again, hmmmmm, this does not seem like Michael Landrum.) From the map, the location appears to be near the ever-popular Italian take-out staple Listrani's, just north of Ray's the Steaks.

I was concerned that these two new projects meant that plans for Ray's the Catch had been scrapped. But, no, it seems that the seafood version of the meat genius's empire is scheduled to open in May (also in the original Courthouse strip mall).

Jane Black from WaPo's Going Out Guide shared all of Landrum's plans last month in a nicely-organized (kudos) summary. We'll have to explore these new options soon. In the meantime, I'll chuckle as I imagine the hefty Landrum hoofing to all ends of the Courthouse neighborhood as he tries to manage the additional outposts of his growing empire.

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