Friday, March 19, 2010


I overindulged a bit this week (will have to cut back this weekend), and it seemed randomness was rampant. Thus, a totally comprehensive, yet scatterbrained post.

One of the most valuable lessons learned from my Taiwanese mother in law -- stir-fry is consistently fast, easy, cheap, and healthy. This week's selection, tofu with sugar snap peas, was a particular success. I recommend adding a generous portion of white pepper and ginger to the typical soy sauce and corn starch base for a rather tasty concoction.

Picked up my first Polyface Farms buying club order this week. I have big plans for a chile verde pork roast this weekend from my Boston Butt, so I'll let you know how it turns out.

Tom Sietsema reviewed Madhatter this week - seriously? Even if the burger is good - and the new Connecticut Ave. space more successfully evokes the Alice in Wonderland theme - I'm not sure the place where I may have vomited in the wrong gender's restroom in my early twenties and been asked to leave (baby boy, please don't read this when you are older) is worthy of a Tom Sietsema review. This is the locale that was previously located downstairs from Camelot folks.

Successfully made a T21 reservation at Volt, for September. When the time finally comes, I'll be sure to post.

Back in December, had a last-minute anniversary dinner at Eventide that was seriously delicious. Brunch this past Sunday, not so much. Perhaps it was the fussy infant that I was bouncing on my knee while trying to scarf a few bites. Not sure. At least the Lexington percolated coffee was consistent. Speaking of Eventide, weren't the owners supposed to be opening a bakery in the old Murky Coffee space? Anyone know what's up with that?

This year's Girl Scout Cookie campaign has been satisfying everyone's respective sweettooths (what is the plural of that, sweetteeth?) for a couple of weeks now. During cookie season, Edy's has for a few years offered ice cream variations on the Samoas, Tagalongs, and of course, Thin Mint themes. This year, however, I discovered that there are light versions. At 120 calories (down from 160). Yes, everything still in moderation, but yippee!!

Is Jeopardy much easier than it used to be, or is it just me? Perhaps it is false confidence instilled by the glass of Tabor Hill Cherry Wine I drank while watching. On second thought, maybe it was just the first round that seemed easier.

Finally, discovered a new and delicious sandwich ("sauca") this week from a truck parked outside my office. My flatbread croque monsieur was scrumptious - even slightly burnt, I devoured the thing. As the driver/chief tweeter/manager informs me that said truck will be back outside my office every Wednesday, look forward to a more complete sauca post in the future (as soon as I can manage the calories).


W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

Just walked past the old Murky Coffee in Clarendon (on this beautiful day) - new sign says Northside Social Wine and Coffee "opening soon".

W. Mark Felt, Sr. said...

The Arlington Now blog posted the menu from Northside Social. Sadly, not cajun, just another sandwich shop: