Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowpocalyse 2010 Menu

Yes, cabin fever has descended upon the Ballston townhouse. Today, I was supposed to balance the checkbook and organize the paperwork for taxes. Instead, I've been exploring google buzz, blogging, and checking I'm also getting the itch to bake, likely another try at macarons and perhaps strawberry cupcakes for which I have leftover frosting from the last batch. Cabin fever also makes me evaluate what we've consumed for the last few days...frankly, it could have been worse...

Friday (02.05.10) - storm hits approximately at noon

Lunch: Qdoba burrito which C sweetly picks up for me on the way to metro heading home at lunchtime (of course, with the reliability of metro, said burrito arrives more than an hour later after the commute from Metro Center to Ballston)

Dinner: homemade chili - My variation of my mom's of the few recipes I won't share because I make a mean chili. However, I will share that adding 2 tbsp. honey and 1/4 cup lowfat monterey jack to Krusteaz Fat-Free Cornbread mix makes one tasty concoction.

Saturday (02.06.10)

Breakfast: C, again so sweet, walks to the IHOP down the street and gets me multigrain pancakes with blueberries (silly me, I thought that the fruit would be fresh blueberries; fairly certain the butter and sugar in the blueberry compote made up for the multigrain nature of the pancakes). The pancakes were delicious, though the coffee, as previously noted, not so much.

Lunch: Clementine oranges and the other half of the pancakes

Snack: last apple in the house...did not know at the time that produce would not be refreshed within the next few days

Dinner: Salad and South Beach Tortellini Soup; I love soups and stews at times like these.

Sunday (02.07.10)

Breakfast: Luna Bar

Lunch: short trek for Cosi turkey marketplace sandwich, at least some takeout is available

Dinner: preplanned Super Bowl snacks -

Buffalo chicken tenders breaded in Ian's Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs and Fage 0% Yogurt. I did buffalo tofu as well, but the breading did not coat very well. Incidentally, all of the stores (in preparation for both Super Bowl and Snowpocalypse, I presume) were sold out of the Anchor Bar buffalo sauce. Frank's Red Hot proved to be a MUCH better substitute than the Safeway brand sauce, but Anchor Bar is still the best.

Crostini (Panera demi baguette sliced and brushed with olive oil) with white bean spread (so much better than hummus)

Monday (02.08.10)

Breakfast: sleep was more important than eating

Lunch: Our driveway was plowed Sunday afternoon and C's snowboots were leaking every time he walked the dog, so we headed to Tyson's Corner, one of the few acceptable places to avoid cabin fever whilst pushing a stroller. The food court beckoned and a Five Guys cheeseburger hit the spot. The chest pain kicked in less than two minutes after I finished.

Dinner: The threat of more snow was imminent, yet again, and I had Pilates, so Monday night turned into takeout night; Chinese from TNR cafe.

Tuesday (02.09.10)

Breakfast: Egg whites, ham, and toast, swallowed whole while baby took a 15 minute catnap.

Lunch: Leftover buffalo tofu and greens

Dinner: Another South Beach recipe - spinach-stuffed salmon

Wednesday (02.10.10)

Breakfast (of champions): Coffee with rice milk (out of half & half) and leftover tortellini soup

Lunch: egg salad on toast - Who knew that 7/11 sold local eggs? I prefer cage-free, but for 7/11 selection, not bad.

Dinner: looks like flank steak, one of two remaining non-frozen proteins from pre-storm grocery stock up.

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