Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm Baa-ack!

Where have I been? Well let's see, we moved, had a baby, have not slept in three months, before that, could not stay awake for nine months, and for a while, we paid two mortgages with the fear of job loss in one of the crappiest economies in decades. Thus, not a ton of eating out.

I think, however, we have reached a point where I'm starting to pull myself together and settle in to our new routine. I'm ready to start writing again, and more importantly, eating like a human being again (i.e., booze, sushi, and caffeine). While I suspect the content of this blog may include some new notions now that I'm a mommy, I'll make at least one commitment. No posts on breast-milk vs. formula; while a very politicized and pressure-inducing issue, this is every person's respective own business and not something for public consumption.

I would, however, expect that my readers will see more posts on home-cooked meals. Eating at some of Washington's finer establishments is more challenging now that we have a newborn in tow. Further, I'm on a big kick to eat as much organic, sustainable, local food as possible. Though there are some good choices around town, preparing our meals will be the best way for me to ensure our food is as good for our bodies as possible. Once the little one is on solids, I'm also planning to make baby food with this handy machine. Could be an utter failure - I'll let you know. Micheal Pollan's motto is really catchy though - "Eat food, mostly plants, and less of it" - for both us and baby. I'm hoping this plan helps with dropping the final pregnancy pounds as well.

Other than that, I have finalized plans already to visit Blue Duck Tavern and Ping Pong Dim Sum in the relatively near future. A friend looked into a VOLT reservation, but that was a pipe dream. (Anyone know the secret to living the Bryan Voltaggio dream? Fill me in!) The hubby and I also have plans for as many romantic lunches for two as we can fit into our work weeks.

I also mentioned that we moved, right? We've relocated from the yuppie Clarendon condo to the yuppie Ballston townhome. While we miss our neighborhood standards (Boulevard Woodgrill, Boccato Gelato, Nam Viet), we do enjoy the ability to actually squeeze onto the Orange Line in the morning. Plus, Ballston seems to offer quite the array of take-out options, plus a couple of gems that I'll write about soon.

All of these new adventures will be filling my blog posts soon. So, if the new reading material doesn't sound like your cup of tea, feel free to hit unsubscribe now. I hope that some of you will enjoy the new perspective, however. After considering the writing of the next great teen vampire novel, or perhaps opening a little shop of culinary delights (I thought about everything from macaroons to an organic butcher shop), in the end, this girl still dreams of eating well and sharing my insights regarding good eats.

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