Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Say It Ain't So: Ray's Hellburger

As I peruse my Google Reader list this morning, I've been reminded over and over again (not going to bother posting all of the links) that our president and veep visited Ray's Hell Burger yesterday afternoon for lunch. I saw the News 4 "report from the scene" last night. Quite amusing, but I can't say that I wouldn't be acting as much an idiot as the folks in and around Ray's at that moment. I appreciate Obama giving business to a local "mom and pop" lacking even a website (as if it needs one), but I'm scared to think of what this presidential visit may bring. Rumor has it that one could not get near Ben's for weeks after Obama stopped for a half smoke. I am working from home today, and was thinking of a Hell Burger for lunch. That plan is out, but for how long do I have to avoid the greasy spot down the street?

On a related note, had the opportunity to visit the new Ray's the Steaks this past weekend, and I'm happy to report that everything remains the same. There was, of course, the exception of the girl with the sequined top and sunglasses arriving for her 9 PM reservation (no, she did not take her shades off). Steaks are still FAB-U-LOUS. Sides and apps are tasty, though I think they may have lightened the creamed spinach recipe, which is probably for the best. And, the Key Lime Pie is thankfully still bliss. Frankly, I think the understated decor actually qualifies as decor in the new location - with 5 times the seating capacity and a packed house, the ambiance is just fine.

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