Friday, April 24, 2009

Return from Hiatus

It's been a few weeks, and after giving up blogging to devote time to things for which I'd rather not be devoting time, I'm happy to be back. As previously promised, look forward to part three and the summary of my anniversary in three parts series. Plus, I hope to chime in on the lackluster Surfside, as well as the popular Potenza later this week.

It's a beautiful Friday afternoon. One of my favorite Friday afternoon customs when stuck in the office is to read DCist's "Overheard in DC" post...While some are more crude than others, it's always good for a laugh. Take my favorite from this week, for instance:

Earth Day at the coffee shop in the Univ. of Md. Student Union:

Two girls are decked out in green, sporting Earth Day face paint and discussing the success of the green rally they organized in spite of the rainy weather with a friend.

Girl to barista: "Do you have a plastic bag for that?"

You cannot make this stuff up! Gotta love it! I have two all-time favorite "Overheards" of my own. Some of you may remember these:

Mid-Afternoon on the New York Subway

Polite Homeless Man Asking for Money on the Number 1 Train: "Can you please spare some change?"

Sassy Woman in Response: "If you can say 'Can I have a dollar?', you can say, 'Welcome to McDonalds'!!"

(That one may have been little more cruel than funny.)

At Vietnamese restaurant in Arlington, three mid to late twenties men comparing the attractiveness of women dependent on their respective metro lines.

Guy 1: "I'm not sure she's Red-line caliber, but she's definitely better than Yellow."

Guy 2: "Wait, remember the other one?"

All Three in Unison: "Oh yeah dude, totally the hottest; totally Orange."

I won't insult anyone by revealing the misogynists' ranking system, but I'm glad I'm an Orange-line gal!! Whew, wouldn't want to have to get by on my brains or sense of humor! Hope this added a little laughter to your afternoon before you head out to enjoy the fabulous weather.

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