Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snacks in the Hood

For some occasions, fine dining is in order. For others, more simple options are appropriate. Once in a while, we just want an afternoon snack or late night bite. We recently tried two relatively new spots in the 22201 which offer less formal bites, both large and small.

Tom Sietsema was right on when he reviewed Spider Kelly''s all about chicken, chicken, chicken. Whether in the roasted or fried variety, or in a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup, it's all delicious. Portions are more than generous and can easily be shared. The fries are flavored more with salt than the promised rosemary and garlic, so not my pick. Though we did not get the chance to try them on this outing, the Kelly Black (a cocktail of blackberries, Maker's, and ginger ale) and the Po'Boy both sound intriguing. It does seem that the kitchen is still trying to figure out cooking temps on the burgers (Sietsema complained of his being "raw", while the man at the table next to us let the server know that his was somewhat overdone - and comped, by the way, if anyone is curious). I'm nevertheless curious regarding the version cooked in pork fat. One other note; while you can certainly come as you are in the early dining hours, I wouldn't as evening sets in; a group in the open seating area near us were decked out even though it was barely 6 pm on a Sunday evening.

Jackson's Roasting and Carving Company in Ballston offers an honest sandwich and a good cup of coffee. My dining companion, who grew up loving Kenny Roger's Roasters, got a little confused, thinking that the menu was more rotisserie chicken than carved sandwiches. Jackson's prime rib version is juicy, almost bloody, but very flavorful. The meatloaf, topped with a little housemade horseradish sauce and on whole grain, is a comfortable favorite. I like that you can get your sandwich on a variety of house-baked breads, kaiser roll, or croissant if you prefer. Jackson's is not quite Atrium deli in Southwest, but it's open on weekends and accessibly located. Without many good delis on this side of the river, fresh carved sandwiches are a welcome addition to Arlington.


Manimal said...

Kenny Rogers' Rosters! Actually Roy Rogers, but basically the same thing :)

W. Mark Felt said...

Came across this old post and realized that I should note that Jackson's has since closed. Sad.