Monday, February 2, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing

It's February!! Time to celebrate the peak of truffle season. Time to bust out those gourmet goodies and top everything with their delectable shavings. But let me warn you, at least from my own palate's sensitive perspective, limit your portion size. A lengthy meal at the eponymous restaurant of venerable Parisian chef Michel Rostang, one that ended well after midnight, taught me this valuable gastronomic lesson. While we look back fondly on our very expensive meal last February(what is the dollar versus the euro again?), perhaps six courses of truffles is a bit too much. I danced through courses such as truffle terrine, truffle sandwich, truffle salad, truffle get the least the cheese and dessert courses were truffle-free. Now, don't get me wrong, this was probably the most decadent dining experience of my life. Everything was incredibly rich, flavorful, and the souffle may be the best I have ever had (a close tie with La Grenouille in New York). Our favorite part of the meal was perhaps when our waiter explained that dogs have replaced les couchons (or, pigs) as truffle sniffers because the pigs eat too many. It was wonderful, but it was just too much. I looked ridiculously bloated in my fancy dress, my belly hurt, and my senses were overloaded. When I left, I didn't want to see a truffle for weeks, and a year later, I'm still not sure I do. Perhaps I should have remembered when ordering, all things in moderation....

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