Sunday, February 22, 2009

And The Winner Is....


This year's restaurant week was full of pleasantries....seriously, not a bad pick in the bunch. All in all, I don't have major complaints about any of our meals. Amongst them, Adour, Poste, and Tosca as well. Adour offered a short but refined menu with tasty, well-executed dishes at a much reduced fare. Poste was also a nice experience, with a particularly satisfying striped bass, though the choices focused a bit too heavily on poached eggs. Tosca's food (especially the pasta) and service were exemplary, given a packed RW house, and the offerings covered almost the entire menu with only two upcharges. Yet, PassionFish established itself as the clear winner.

In terms of factors, I would consider value and taste to be my primary considerations, with service (given those special RW complications) following closely behind. So, let's get to the critical this point, I should point out, if you don't like fish, you may as well stop reading now:

1) Value: Apps and desserts were slightly limited, but every entree on the menu was included on the list. Plus, the servings were very generous with and full of pricey goodies, like lobster and crab. Our table ended up adding a sushi roll, but amongst our group were some really, I mean really big eaters. BTW, the PassionFish roll, a rainbow roll with a twist, was a big hit with us.

2) Taste: Ok, this is the really the category that gets me every time. Crappy service and high prices can be overlooked (though not issues on this particular evening) when you reach bliss in a bite. I had several of these bliss moments over the course of our meal. First, the butternut squash and lobster bisque was heavenly, adding richness with squash rather than just cream (not that I can pretend that cream was absent, but a girl can dream!). That's not to overlook the "bread", which was a very accurate approximation of Win Schuler's bar-scheeze and schips...Michiganders know what I'm talking about... Also great are the classic ceviche and monkfish. The must-have dish would probably be the whole crispy flounder. Served in a thai basil sauce, the fish was flavorful and light. Dessert is included with a RW menu, but I would rather get my sugar in the form of cocktails here. There are some truly unique selections, including the Marie Antoinette and a variety of bellinis that sound fabulous.

3) Service: Also stellar. A busy night with RW craziness and large tables presented a challenge, but our waiter was definitely up to the task. Kudos for great recommendations and none of the RW snootiness that can sometime plague servers concerned about their "discount" tips. We also were seated immediately even though we arrived 15 minutes before our reservations. What a way to make guests feel welcome.

Still on the list...Cafe Atlantico, with a two-week Restaurant Week menu. I'll be sure to edit my post accordingly.

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Manimal said...

Agreed, the PassionFish RW experience was exemplary! Excellent taste and value, combined with great service. Reading the review makes me want to go back! Still one more week... :)