Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Should have obtained a patent

Yes, I realize that this story has already been covered to the saturation point in both local and national media outlets. I also realize that I'm late to the punch. I just just cannot help myself. This is too much.

LeBron, we know you are "the One". Please note, however, there are those of us that do not, like you, believe that you are God. Yes, you are a pretty damn good basketball player. Yes, you may be able to demand an astronomical salary, dictate popular culture, and hold the NY/NJ metro area captive as to whether you will grace them with your presence. But, sir, you are no deity. Please, shut that overactive trap of yours and get that nasty smirk off your face.

Jordan was in my opinion, the best basketball player in history. He commanded the court, and often, calls. Kobe is unreal - he moves on a court gracefully and effortlessly. Wilt scored over 100 in a game; need I say more? Did any of them have their very own signature crustacean-named, penalty-immune, dance to the basket? No, the simple answer is no.

Wizards fans in particular have too often been subject to LeBron-favorable calls for years, as recently as Christmas day. These calls have determined the outcome of playoff series, kept your talentless coach in a undeserved job for several seasons, and the dashed the hopes of a once-Bullets loving fan residing at my address. But just this once the call was in favor of the lowly bottom-of-the-East-dwelling Wizards. But LeBron, you just cannot accept it and move on. No, it must be the refs that got it wrong. Clearly, they don't understand.

Alas, however, the call remains. Last I checked, David Stern had not repudiated the outcome or criticized the referee at issue. No, everything actually turned out just how it should have. Everyone except you, LeBron, realizes this. As Caron Butler so eloquently put it, "there is a God." Though, LeBron, it may need to be noted, Caron was not referring to you!!

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Manimal said...

Awesome!! Love the post. LeTravel will live in infamy!