Monday, January 26, 2009

A secretary of defense and former president drive into a strip mall....Peking Gourmet

On Chinese New Year, it seems only appropriate to welcome our new Commander in Chief to the area by sharing a little insight to a presidential right of passage - Peking Gourmet in Falls Church. You see, never have we arrived at PG to find that we could be seated at reservation time (or within a half hour thereof, for that matter). I'm repeatedly reminded of the classic Seinfeld car rental reservation episode, yet we consistently subject ourselves to a situation like this other Seinfeld episode (though with a huge crowd participating in the wait with us) .

Why do we wait? Is it to see the high-ranking legislative and executive branch folks that we count as our local celebrities? No, only once did that turn out to be a true A-list DC politician (or two): Bill and Hillary strategizing her presidential campaign bid with Terry McCullough. More often, it's instead been folks like William Cohen. Is it because Mr. and Mrs. Tsui are so good at charming their customers who get so tired of waiting? No, even though the Tsuis are incredibly talented at making you feel that you are at the very top of their priority list. Is it because of joy of the countless family gatherings we've celebrated here? Well, no (please, family, forgive me), as much as I enjoy the memories, this just isn't it.

No, we keep coming back, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting (you get the point) because the food is simply that good. You will not find Peking duck, salt and pepper shrimp, black bean sea bass, or bean curd family style (just a few of our favorites) quite like this anywhere else in the area. This is why we, and other large crowds, continue to return, and continue to wait. Once the first bite hits your tongue, you've suddenly forgotten the forty-five minutes you were standing in a cramped room. Some may say that PG is not the same as it once was, but that is not what the crowds tell me.

Now, I'm quite certain Obama will not have to fact, the special secure room is likely to be available just in case. However, even if he did, I think he might deem the wait worth it as well.

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Manimal said...

I can just see it now... "Obama! Obama party of 4! 10 minutes!"