Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I ♡ NY ≠ I Hate DC

What is it hater? Why you gotta be like this? And Politico, you Benedict Arnold, shame on you for running it...while yes, we should strive to be both self-analytical and self-critical in our quest to achieve high culinary standards, I have to agree with foodies elsewhere. This snobbish lack of effort is not to be tolerated.

At least, however, there are some NYTimes journalists who can manage to be objective and to celebrate rather than rain on the parade that was Obama's inauguration. It also seems that Gourmet, with Alice Waters in tow, mind you, (but what does she know?!!) and celebs galore found the local offerings tolerable. Bon Appetit, on the other hand, seems to be in Marian Burros' camp, though I understand BA's focus is not necessarily on restaurant dining.

It's a standing's not likely to go away anytime soon...While I stand firmly on the southern side of this divide, perhaps we can learn from this. In no way do I profess to be some savant, but I've traveled a bit and I've eaten quite a bit. I've eaten quite a bit in quite a few restaurants, including a few in NY. I think DC is truly coming into its own, and hopefully, this most recent spotlight will result in a favorable, rather than downwardly nasal view. So, next time your friends are in town from MAn-HAt-An, take them out and show them what we have to offer.

Full disclosure: I have to agree with Burros' take on Marcel's...What is up with Robert Weidmaier lately?

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Manimal said...

I love the pronunciation of Manhattan :) Go DC Food!!!